Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It arrived today.  My copy of "An Echo In The Bone" by Diana Gabaldon. In the last few years my luck with ordering books from the Science Fiction Book Club has been such that the author arrives in town for a book signing and the book shows up a day or two later. :-( Sadly, I have a bunch of books from the library that will constrain my time and I won't be able to read it until later. Really enjoying Tanya Huff's "The Enchantment Emporium".

I read Outlander in the early 90s and immediately, like many others wanted the next book. It blended time travel with history in a way I hadn't read before. All the girls wanted to meet a guy like Jaime. I can tell you he doesn't look like Mel Gibson in a kilt in my head. I haven't seen an actor yet that matches the picture I have in my head of him. That's okay, though, cause then he continues to be *my* version. ;-)

In the last few years I've enjoyed going to Powell's for book signings. It's cool to get to listen to the authors words in their voice. Learn a little bit behind the story, get a little teaser about the series. Say thank you for touching your life in some way. I missed Richelle Mead's a while back ago. Powell's has a weird notification program where they send out the next week's signings on Sunday, sometimes too short of notice.

Monday, October 5th will find me at the Powell's on Cedar Hills early for a good seat. I'll have all my books with me, all seven plus the Companion edition, to be signed. Might mean I have to stay late unless I can drag Brandon along with me. He has fun hanging out with me for these types of things so I might be able to talk him into it. (They make people with more than four books wait to have all their books signed until everyone else has a chance.) I wonder how many people will be showing up?

I'll need knitting for it, so I'm contemplating bumping a kilt hose pattern up the queue, but those knots might not be a good idea. The only other Scottish type pattern I have near the top is a gift for Brandon, might not be a good idea to do it in front of him. I do have on order the yarn for William's Jayne Hat. It should arrive in time for me to take that. Some nice simple stockinette. It's for his birthday at the end of October.

Work progresses on the Kernel Scarf and the Fairy Wings. I've also started washing the lovely red-brown Suri. Some of the locks have been eleven inches long! It's like working with someone's really soft cut hair. A lady at the Parking Lot Sale on Sunday said that they should use the Suri fleeces to make chemo wigs. They'd certainly be warm! The locks don't seem to be as dirty as the Huacaya fleece usually are. Lots of fleece washing this week!

Leigh Radford has a book signing scheduled for Powell's on October 13th, Burnside. If you'd like to get your copy of One More Skein signed. ;-) Hey, she's local too!


  1. Herself is coming? Cool! It feels like a long time since she's had a book in this series (not Lord John).

    You could knit some under-kilt wear...

  2. As I ended up standing for a good portion of the event, I had the thought about my concern over what knitting to bring. I ended up bringing the Kernel Scarf and only got to knit a couple of rows. Just too much going on to be able to concentrate to that ability.