Thursday, September 10, 2009

World Wide Spin in Public Day Event Scheduled!

I was finally able to talk to the manager of the farmer's market to confirm that yes, she had received my application and that we are able to use the Hillsboro Civic Center as our meeting location and that since we aren't a truly organized group, that there was no vendor fee to be there. Sigh. Took way longer than I really think it should have and a hoop too many really.


Location - Hillsboro Civic Center, 150 E Main Street
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We're going to be on the steps area above the fountain if its nice out, so bring sunblock and an umbrella for shade. If it rains, or if its too hot, we'll sit under the overhang area by the Starbucks.
When - September 19th, 10:00am to 2:00pm
What to bring - your spinning device (wheel or drop spindle), something to spin with - fiber of your choice, something to sit on and money for brunch/lunch/coffee - but that's totally up to you. ;-)

As mentioned the Farmer's Market will be going on with lots of vendors to check out if you'd like to take a break during your spinning.

If that isn't enough to get you to come spin with me, I have pulled together some Goodie Bags for the first 20 people who come with their spinning devices in hand. You're more than welcome to join us knitting or weaving, but the Goodie Bags will be for spinners.

I have received sample donations from Stitchjones, Abstract Fibers, Dicentra, Knitted Wit and still have donations coming in from Woodland Woolworks, The Cupcake Factory(some alpaca fleece), and some Gotland from Sweden - courtesy of Shelia January.

The bags already filled with samples.

Those of you who receive a Goodie Bag, please do remember to stop by each of the vendors booth's and say thank you for their samples at Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival the following weekend. I plan to spin my samples while at the spin in public event so I can use that as a guide for my shopping at OFFF. ;-)

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  1. Those are mighty tempting samples you have there! I hope to see you on the 19th. Life is craaaaaaaazy...