Monday, October 5, 2009

Interesting Evening!

I've been washing the alpaca fleece and rewashing some of it. I have now figured out the key steps to successful washing without a lot of steps. Yea! Ask if you want them. ;-)

I loaded up my seven copies of the Outlander series and had hoped to arrive by 6pm at the Cedar Hills Powell's. Brandon and I arrived at 6:15pm and found the parking lot full. That was a pretty good indicator that there were a lot of people there. Sure enough the seats in the main area were full and the ones out into the mall were also full. After snagging a couple of tickets for the book signing, this left standing along the sides.  We started at one point and I moved forward. Brandon was off to check out the Sci-Fi area and got to chat with Peter the Awesome.

After Brandon was safely ensconced in the Sci-Fi area he texted me to let me know his ex-wife was in the audience. This after I moved up a couple of aisles and ended up right across from her. ;-)  So there was much texting about the experience. I'm not really sure if she saw us together because as far as I knew she had never seen me before. She saw me there and I was looking in her general direction many times, but I couldn't tell if I was being sent evil glares or not. I just wish her a happy life. We're happy, so hopefully she is also.

I think that there might have been about 300 people for the book signing. One of the ladies that was standing near me was doing the math with the rows of chairs and chairs per row and its about right. After the actual book signing portion started and I was knitting on the Kernel scarf, a lady in the row ahead of me gave me her ticket and her friend also game me hers. One was a significant bump in the number line and the other was just a few numbers before the ones I had picked up. I passed one of mine off to a lady that had been standing behind me during the talk which was a huge bump up from her number. Then during my second time through the line I passed on the other ticket and really made a lady happy. We all won. ;-)

So I was able to get four books signed the first time and it took another forty-five minutes to get the last three signed. Brandon joined me shortly after the first series, since the ex had her books signed and had left the building with her girlfriend.

Still more fleece washing to be done. I pick up the drum carder Wednesday night. I would also like to be able to drop off the Kernel Scarf Saturday afternoon after the Portland Spinnerati meeting. Wish me luck in getting it done!

Before leaving for the signing had to do another phone call to Knit Picks. I'd been too quick to try to cancel a duplicate order but apparently their system deletes a second order if the dollar amounts are the same. So when I told the lady to delete the one, it deleted both orders, so no shipment. Sigh. Read the order that I wanted and it will be shipped. Should be in time to still be able to get the hat done, but glad I thought to check or it might have been a challenge to get it done.

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