Monday, September 14, 2009

Patience please

Patience is a virtue. People tell me that all the time. I *can* be patient, really, I can. I after all have knitted more than a handful of scarfs and survived them and had the scarves turn out well.

Maybe that's not a good example of patience? Does raising a child to adulthood and not beating/abusing/killing count?

We had a deadline of September 1st to get our application in for a booth at OFFF. The check and paperwork were sent in before then, okay, by just a day or two. It was getting all the money together from the various people that caused the slow down, but we did get it postmarked before September 1st. It was only going to Jacksonville, a five hour drive south. I tried calling on Sunday of Labor day weekend to find out if we had a booth.

Waited until Tuesday for being out of town over the holiday weekend. Called again. Left another message. Called Wednesday and still no reply. On Thursday, I got lucky. I got a real person to answer the phone. The person coordinating the booths was at work and here's the cell phone. Progress! Called it and left voice mail there. Friday afternoon called again. Called on Saturday too. Sunday I politely refrained from calling.

I've left another voice mail this morning, Monday. I have a dozen or so people who are contributing to this booth and I'm sure they are busily getting their wares ready for sale. It would be really nice to confirm to them that yes, we have a booth and it is 'this' size. We had requested two 10x10 booths. I even left in my voice mails that if there's a space limit that we would take just one. See I'm flexible.

I am being selfish. I don't want to go through the mental gymnastics of coordinating shift schedules for all these people to work over the weekend in the booth, if there's no booth to be worked in. Selfish.

There's also one person flying in from Arizona and it would be nice to tell her more than a day or two before that she doesn't have to bring a suitcase filled with batts. Okay, she might do it anyway so she has a bag to bring back goodies in, but I'm sure she'd like a choice.

So....Does anyone have some patience they can loan me? I'm clearly not patient *enough* and need some more.


  1. Sooooooo frustrating! Sorry for your trouble.

  2. Tami,

    All I can say is that you are a Godsend and I am sooooo glad you are the one coordinating this crazy thing and not me. Patience is not one of my strong suits.

  3. Carissa -

    It's not one of mine either, but I must be getting better with age. ;-) I've so wanted to get nasty in the voice mails but have greatly restrained myself. I'm calling her again in the morning - wonder if daily calls will help any? Once I find out one way or another, I plan to provide feedback about what a cluster this has been. Shelia was commenting that they are still trying to run this like the small event that it started out as and have seemed to have missed that this is now a larger event. Sigh. Even Bobbie had problems getting confirmation about their space and it was a separate person with that also. Major PITA.

  4. Sorry, I don't even have enough patience for myself most of the time. I will say in my experience of renting booth spaces at various events, just plan on having a booth. Move forward with your original request of a 10 x 20, and show up. The venue is large enough and they are going to want to collect their money for the booth rental. They will figure it out. Don't stress over it, you have enough stress with all the planning and coordinating. I think the other comment is so true, the event has outgrown the coordination. It is obvious by their multiple requests for volunteers and lack of response to you that they are a bit in over their heads. Take a deep breath and repeat - It will all work out.

  5. Thanks Dawn! That's good to know. I was kind of concerned to make that assumption since in the Rav OFFF list someone had mentioned that she got one of 'the last three' spots available. So it made me think they were limiting their size/number.

    I would certainly think they would want to take our money for the space. ;-)

  6. Finally got an email reply, couldn't leave a phone message or call....

    We didn't get our booth, but have been put on a list for next year. We'll see.

  7. That's just crazy! How could they possibly have filled that whole space? There better be lots of shopping. It is unfortunate they cannot be better organized. I know they are all volunteers but still . . . . . I am very disappointed that you didn't get in.