Friday, September 25, 2009

Washed Alpaca & early Happy Birthday Norbert!

I've been working on the Fairy Wings for Kaisha, but will not be done in time to give them to her tomorrow for her birthday. You'd think bigger needles would make it go faster, but those yo's can be a pain, especially if you forget one!

Similarly, I've been working on the Flaxen Kernel and this yarn is nice to work with! Much more fun than the Habu raw silk. This pattern also has yo's to watch out for and I'm getting better about checking at the end of each knit row that I still have the correct number of stitches.

This is with the end, the bead section (minus beads) and two of the main pattern chart repeats done (only 21 more to go!)

Lisa showed us the Lucy Neatby, ssk technique that was part of the class I was an aide in the afternoon for at Sock Summit. I missed it because I was in the sock spinning class with Janel. I've been using it a lot with both of these projects! So much nicer than the old way. Thanks Lucy!! and Lisa!!

I mentioned that I bought a pound of black alpaca from Carissa last Saturday at the Spin in Public event. I thought I should get it washed in a timely manner. I did go through a bit of fleece envy on Wednesday. Angela had gotten some also but her was 1.9 pounds and felt softer than mine did even all dirty. The goodness is that mine had really come through the wash and all that dirt (four wash cycles through the kitchen sink) removed has caused it to really soften up. Still not as ultra soft as the stuff Angela has, but I'm still happy with what I have.

(The little pile is the second level of rejected fiber - from first level pre-washed stuff)

Plans are to rent an electric drum carder and run the cleaned fleece through it along with some black silk that I got from Klaus at TKGA. Since the silk was only 2 ounces and my 18.2 ounces has been reduced down to 13.12 ounces, I think I'll need more of the silk. I already have Finn and Shetland that I'm picking up from Klaus, getting another bag of his silk won't be a problem. ;-) Yes, I've pre-shopped for Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival.

Due to be at the Fairgrounds at 8am, Saturday to help setup the canopy. Vendors open at 9am so I'll be part of the mass of people that will also be early. Some shopping, visiting, eating, spinning, and knitting. Then meeting up with the boys for some good German food at the Oktoberfest. Sunday I need to be back at the fairgrounds by 8:30am and unload Carissa's alpaca fleeces and work the Parking Lot Fleece Sale until she can arrive from church. Carissa's dropping off the fleeces tonight. I get to go through and pick out the one or two that I want as payment for helping her out. More fleece! She has a variety of colors, so it may be hard to pick, but I'll do my best. ;-)

Saturday is also Norbert's 8th birthday. He's matured into such a nice gentleman in his prime. He still barks at people when they come into the house but is more comfortable with people visiting. In the last year he's been very puppy like in his play and soliciting play with Nessa. He's learned how to enjoy tugging and doesn't just have to play chase the ball. Unfortunately, his trouble ear has blown up like a balloon like his right ear did last year. We're trying home aspiration in the hopes that we can avoid the $600 button surgery that was done on his right ear. (No economic stimulus check to be gobbled up in ear surgery around.) I have some leftover antibiotics that will hopefully help. Last night's aspiration seems to have helped, its significantly less balloon like. Fingers-crossed that tonight's will be enough.


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  1. yay it's OFFF! I'm so excited to see everybody this weekend! I'm sure we'll run into each other