Thursday, September 3, 2009

Things are just Peachy

I harvested the last ten peaches from the tree after finding that a bee was starting its own harvesting. I didn't want to just have them go into the Peach-Pepper Jam though. A couple went into a peach-raspberry milkshake that was yummy. No pics of that though.

I found an Alton Brown recipe for individual peach upside down cake, but modified it so that it was altogether. Sure I could have used the ramekins that he suggested, but I wanted to double the recipe and it was easier my way. This is what the peaches looked like before the batter was put on:

A slice of it ready to eat. Sorry, no batter pics, that's fairly boring to look at anyway.

Everyone agrees that the cake came out exceptionally well and are gobbling it up quickly.

I bought some peaches at the store, nice big ones and some habeneros. I toasted the habeneros in the toaster oven to brown them and carmelize the sugars in the peppers. I did forget to open up the kitchen window during the remove skin and seeds stage and almost hacked up a lung trying to get clean air back in. Roasted habeneros:

Comparison of store bought peaches and one of my peaches (in case you aren't sure, mine is the little one on the right):

I tossed the peppers into the food processor and pureed them to bits and then started peeling peaches and adding them to the peppers. Once they were all peeled and pureed, addition of a bit of pectin and they were ready to become jam:
The red in the mix happened naturally in the peach flesh close to the pit. Pretty! So after much stirring as you have to get it to a roiling boil before you can add the sugar then bring back to a roiling boil again. Then into the jars it all goes. Then the jars go through a hot water process in the canning container. After ten minutes boiling in there they come out and you wait for the lovely popping sound as the seals adhere to the jar. No pop, then you have something that goes in the refrigerator and have to eat with a week.

I took the extras that wouldn't have filled a jar to the Wednesday Night knitting group at Haggen's. Picked up some cream cheese and crackers and let the ladies have samples. They seemed to enjoy the jam.

In other things peachy-orangey I spun up the wensleydale I had gotten from Sharon [Stitchjones]. It spun up nicely and quickly. I'm going to play with a three-ply with the previously posted mystery batt and see what the resulting yarn looks like. The singles:

Rachel [Trtlgrl] helped me divide up the roving samples I received from Stitchjones and Dicentra for the World Wide Spin in Public event coming up on September 19th. She was fabulous in getting the most out of each sample to get the twenty needed for each of the goodie bags. I have more samples coming from other people, more previews as they come along - hopefully all in by next Wednesday!


  1. Everything's looking peachy! I love how your yarn fits with the peach theme.

  2. That just kind of happened and wasn't planned, but helped with the title. ;-)

  3. Kathy (keightl) was telling me about the way she preserves peaches - she cuts them up into slices and then puts them in a mason jar and covers with Orange juice, then freezes it. When you thaw it out, it turns into a nice syrup that is great over ice cream.

  4. The jam looks great. I've never tried anything like that before :)