Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dogs & Fleece

The advantage of doing the Goodie Bags was getting to see the samples as they came in. Carissa donated fluffs of alpaca fleece that she has gotten from a church member. She has a garage full of fleeces that she's selling. She had taken samples from a pretty black fleece and I knew what she was selling them for, but didn't want a whole fleece to clean and process. So I asked her if I could get a pound from the partial that was leftover from taking samples.

I now have a little over a pound of alpaca fleece from Magnolia. Taking pictures of it in the sunlight washes out the black making it look a muddy grey-brown. Bringing it inside and with four dogs in the house, some pointy noses and not so pointy ones just had to investigate this new interesting smell. I'd love to know what was going through Nickel and Cedi's minds while they had their faces buried in this new to them experience. Norbert's an old pro now and while he did shove his face in, didn't have to do as thorough of a job at smelling the whole thing.

Cedi buried up to her eyes in the fleece.

If I thought taking pictures of a black fleece was difficult, a black dog with his nose in it was such that I had to pull back so you could see there was a body! ;-)

Norbert also with his face up to his eyes in the fleece.

Nessa getting her chance to smell it, but not so interested.

Nessa would rather be here, talking to her fish. They come up and give her fishy kisses. I had filled the pond this morning so accidentally got the level a little full. She didn't have to bend over as far to get her kisses.

The early sounds of fall were in the air I noticed while I was out filling the pond and taking pictures. The local blue jays/birds (we have both) could be heard in the Hazelnut/Filbert orchard behind us as they were attempting to liberate nuts from their shells. Tap tap tap tap. Means also Nessa will be cruising the backyard for the nut bundles the birds drop. She loves her hazelnuts!


  1. Love the photos of dogs faces in the fiber. My dog is the same way on shearing day. Such wonderful smells for them to enjoy.

  2. Norbert is a little intimidated by other four legged animals (they're bigger than a guy who only stands 11-inches at the shoulder after all!). The times I've tried to introduce him to sheep he's barked at them. The Aussies I'm sure would try to herd them. Norbert really loved shoving his face into the Icelandic. I'm going to take a look at the fleeces in the parking lot sale on Sunday, so he may have another one to shove his face into, one with a little more 'smell'.