Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Tuesday night Shelia gave me the samples that she had picked up from Woodland Woolworks and had already bagged them up and stapled to the catalogs they provided. It's a nice bundle of Romney/Perendale. Carissa worked at making up her baggies of the soft black raw alpaca fleece she was donating. (I'm getting more of this stuff!)  Her Etsy shop may be looking a little bare right now, but check back, that should be changing.

I was late getting to spinning today, but stayed late to make up for it. Dana was entertained by the square dancers while waiting for my arrival. She had some pretty colored mohair/wool that she had bought and decided she didn't like it enough to continue spinning it, so donated it to the World Wide Spin in Public day Goodie Bags.

Here's what the contents look like:
Lots of samples to get a taste of different fibers and dyeing from. I'm really looking forward to Saturday!
As previously mentioned I participated in the Summer of Spinning. FiberQat was the local organizer for us and she had mentioned that she would have prizes. Honestly, I'd forgotten all about that part until she started pulling things out tonight at Knit Night. I was able to pick out my choice of color of some dyed 50/50 cashmere/silk by Abstract Fiber and a dyed wool sample also by Abstract Fiber and some black Alpaca that FiberQat had gotten from Carissa and had processed:

Duffy also put together a really nice "Spinner's Kit" containing a pair of scissors, a ruler, a handmade by her orifice hook in pretty blue wire and a hand knitted oil bag. Awesome prizes! Thanks to Duffy and Susan for her donations!
Monday afternoon I joined in with 59 other people watching via webcam, friend Heather and her husband Bruce pick out their new border collie puppie, Haku. They have an older border collie from this particular breeder and had watched the litter from birth to ready to adopt, so had a pretty good idea of which puppy appealed to them before they flew down to make it official. Haku is 'white' in Japanese and is totally opposite of London at this age. If you hate cute puppy pictures, don't visit here. This post also talks about a Friesian event that was interesting, so horses if that suits you more.


  1. Wow, those are all really nice! I especially love the alpaca!

  2. I'm adding the alpaca and the blue-green sample in to my Goodie bag for spinning on Saturday.