Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival 2009 Day 2

I arrived at 8:30am, to find the parking lot area for the fleece sale 85% full. A bit of a shock! Didn't think it started until 8:30am! Ran into Shelia as I was unloading and she mentioned that some people started at 7:20am and she almost called to let me know. Not much I would have been able to do then, but I appreciated the thought!

After paying the registration fee and spying a spot that was against the back but not right next to the auction tables, I started unloading the bags from my car and putting them in the spot. It was easy to see that there were a lot of alpaca being sold. Had the misfortune to land next to someone else also selling a lot of fleeces, smaller and lower priced. Shelia again was able to share that Carissa's prices were good. Got the car moved out of the way and parked in the Red Parking Lot and back to open up the bags and arrange them so that people could see that there were a variety of colors to choose from. Had two other ladies show up while I was doing that with their fleeces. They were also first time sellers. One had Romney cross fleeces that were lovely white and really cleaner than a lot of others and another that had some really soft crimpy border leicester/blue faced leicester cross. If I had the $25 I would have bought one of them from her!

Parking Lot Sale:

(new sellers group)

(directly across from the entrance - some of Carissa's fleeces)

(Brandy's Shetland Fleece - more about that)

(neighbor alpaca & rest of parking lot sales)
Shelia came and kept me company and tried to help with sales for both Carissa and the Tammy sitting next to us with the leicester fleeces. I brought my wheel but my cormo/silk fell out of the bag, so no spinning occurred.

I spied Barbara and Melissa checking out the tapestry looms on the auction tables. They did come over and said hi and Melissa took a picture. Here's theirs:

Karen, Rachel, and Cindy with Shelia all stopped by while I was out in the parking lot. I also got to say hi again to Mokihana. After I got back to the canopy area I found the surprise that she had left for us - some delicious brownies! Thanks again!! Shelia made mention that a group of us this next March could come up to Brandy's and help with the Shetland shearing and if we're so inclined, go home with a fleece that we helped with. How cool! Now something to look forward to in the spring. ;-)

I decided to brave the barn and see if I would have allergy issues. I think keeping to the outside area helped not cause any. I first found some Gotland sheep in the flesh:

Some Shetland sheep that I wanted to sink my hand into but noticed the "don't pet" signs hung around:

Loved the milk chocolate brown on this mohair goat, the eyes were pretty too but shy to show them to the camera:

The black and white markings and those eyes!

This guy was rather relaxed while he was getting his clip:

Some stunning red Cashmere Goats from Foxmoor Farm. I chatted with Carrie for half an hour. Imagine, she has a bedroom with 30 bags of fleece in it that she hand picks out the guard hairs using a black cloth, light and magnifying glass. She also has bunnies. 

I finally found where the Applebright Farm Pygoras were (thanks for helping out with the name Tiggywinkleknits!)

I then wandered out and happened to be by the judging ring. The pygoras were being judged, I think the juveniles. I was standing at the corner watching and there was a little white girl that I got to pet. I was then drawn to videotape this one little girl in the ring that just seemed like she wasn't happy to be there because it sounded to me like she was saying 'baaaad', 'baaaad'. The girl in green had the winner, if I understood the judge and the little white one was the one I got to pet.

After all of that I made it over to the canopies, fewer people there today, or they were all out shopping still. Ate a brownie, took a small handful of acetaminophen to combat cramps and the continued migraine from the day before. Chatted and waited to see if they would decrease and when it seemed like they were increasing, opted to head home.  Contemplated another brownie, chocolate always helps right? Opted not to but was amazed that I made it home.

Lots of people were seen, renewed connections were made, people I hadn't seen in a while were seen again. It was too short, just right, too long of a weekend. Understand? ;-)

ETA: Created a Picasa Web Album of all pictures taken:

Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival 2009

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  1. I just wanted to say that i thought your post was just lovley. We are breeder of red cashmere goats in Silverton, Oregon.