Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Fibers

I tried for more of this, but was given 4 ounces. It's raw unwashed, undehaired buffalo. It's very pungent smelling. Kind of reminds me of trips to the zoo for some reason. ;-) Shelia looked at it with me on Saturday when we were spinning and showed how to dehair. Good news is she says that the guard hairs, that don't seem very coarse, can also be blended in and used to knit socks to make them a little firmer, kind of similar to nylon.

Patience, and a nice white surface, will be the name of the game while dehairing. I'm looking forward to having this in my stash to work with over the winter.

Shelia spent a few weeks on the island of Gotland studying the sheep there. Hopefully she'll do a blog post soon about her trip. I had asked her to bring me back some Gotland fleece so was happy to get it on Saturday. It's lambs fleece from probably their first shearing. Pretty curly locks in light, medium and dark grey with whites and blacks thrown in. The fleece has all been washed, so no smelly bits, but some vegetable matter can still be found. Shelia screened it a bit to get most of what would willingly fall out, out. We also bagged up 20 little baggies as samples for the WWSiP day event. Shelia shipped home 120 pounds of fiber, so if you have an interest in spinning this, contact her. ;-) I'm lucky to get to play with a little over eleven ounces of this lovely stuff.

Just one week until WWSiP day and two weeks until OFFF (I'm *still* waiting to hear confirmation on the booth!!!). Lorajean has started a group on Ravelry for spinning your stash from the Fall Equinox (September 22) to the Spring Equinox (March 20). She's also tempting me with sales of fiber at OFFF. ;-)

Since I'm currently trying to spin up the Cormo/Silk that is the last of the purchased fibers from last year's OFFF, Lorajean's Spin Your Stash group will be fun to see how much gets spun up out of the remaining stash. Mine sounds like it is a smaller stash as it all currently mostly fits in one big bin. Though after OFFF, I may need another bin.

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