Saturday, September 19, 2009

World Wide Spin in Public Day - No Pirates were seen

Gail called me as I was getting ready to leave this morning. "It's pouring down rain, is WWSiP cancelled?" I was good, I don't think I laughed. Nope, I'm an Oregonian, I don't let a little thing like rain stop me from having an event! If I did, there would be a lot of fun times that wouldn't have happened. ;-)

Twenty hardy people showed up with spinning wheels or drop spindles and got to go home with full Goodie Bags. Imagine that! ;-) I guess you could call it our 'fiber loot'. It was awesome to show up in the rain looking for a space under the overhang by the Starbucks for us to setup to find out from Kiley (sorry forgot a picture of her with her kids!) that the Hillsboro Farmer's Market people had set up three canopies for our use. That was just beyond expectations and such a pleasant surprise.  So a big THANK YOU shout out to Laura, market manager, for helping to make our event great!

Gail, had her appendix out on Wednesday, called me Friday and said she didn't think she was going to make it, and then as mentioned called and showed up today. I think she really wanted that Goodie Bag. LOL

Tiggywinkleknits showed a number of small children and adults how to use a drop spindle. I had fun getting a couple of twentysomething guys how to spin - she has 'clown' fluff in BRIGHT orange and green they really seemed to get a kick out of it. One of them had enough that he made a wristband out of his yarn.

Mom, there in the background was later seen trying her hand out with the drop spindle. Can't have Dad having all the fun! ;-)

Shelia, Duffy and Karen spinning (wheels are a Julia, Joy and Victoria) and Karen's mom knitting (sorry I missed mom's name!) Karen and her mom drove over from Gresham to join us. They also came for our World Wide Knit in Public Day event back in June. Aren't they awesome!?

I mentioned drop spinning - we had three Turkish Spindles and they congregated together to discuss the finer points of it. Dana and Michele are new and Jessica has been spinning for over a year that I know of.

Dana & Michele with Rachel in the background teaching her niece on a CD drop spindle. You can see my wheel setup to the left of Michele. It's a Lendrum (if you're keeping track of all the wheels - There were 3 double treadles and three single treadles - we had Lendrums fully covered!).

Love Jessica's smile! Melinda is to her right on the Lendrum. They carpooled together from Vancouver to come spin with us! 

Angela (Joy) and Rachel (Ashford Traveler), Bobbie with a Journey wheel in front of her while carding (her Lendrum is over there behind Rachel).

Another shot showing the three canopies. Rachel on the left with the niece drop spindling and I'm not sure where Norichan was going, that's her Lendrum in front of the chair.

Melissa had arrived after I finally sat down and got some actual spinning done, so no pictures of her. Michele wanted a picture of it, so you can see over on her blog. Much better than the WWKiP day event where I never knit a stitch! LOL Others that missed my camera were Tracy with her Lendrum and Robyn with her drop spindle. Sara had her Kiwi and was sitting next to Angela or flitting about checking out what others were doing. Not sure but there was also a trip to Carissa's car to check out alpaca fleeces. (Many of the linked people have/or will have blog posts about the event and possibly more pictures!)

We did end with some sunshine, just a little later than expected. Next weekend is OFFF, so I'm sure you'll see some of these same faces in a post for that event. It's fun to have such a large group of people to have a good time with.

I brought all my gear home. Gathered up the Transverse Scarf and headed to the 'other' downtown - Portland to Knit-Purl so I could give them their store sample. Sandy Kay was laughing and said she had just come upstairs from sending me an email asking how it was going. LOL Sandy Kay was very pleased with the scarf and offered me a choice of my next project. I saw that Kernel was one of them and while not one I planned to make for myself, I was more than willing to play with some of their Handmaiden to knit it up for them. It's a pretty red with silk and linen. It should be fun to knit up!

I'm now in search of a spider or web stitch pattern to make into wristwarmers for Bailey. She plans to wear her "Spider Geisha" outfit again for Halloween. I thought she needed wristwarmers to complete the outfit.


  1. Check my Rav Queue (or maybe in Favorites) for a pair of spider mitts. Not sure you want to go to that much work, but they are really nice!

  2. Thanks for organizing! I'm glad you remembered *your* real camera!