Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yarn, Squirrel & Flowers

Well I couldn't resist. I spent Monday afternoon spinning the Schoppel Wolle pencil roving singles up and now have "Caribe" because of the turqouise blue-green color reminded me of pictures of the Caribbean:

I'm going to take the 2 oz of merino/tencel with me tonight if I actually do other spinning than the Navajo plying that Bobbie is going to teach me with her green.

I received my Knit Picks replacement needles this afternoon too. So back to working on Kaisha's Pasha Penguin. I'm half way through the back so just have the front to finish. I fully expect to have this ready for Friday to drop off for her birthday along with the cupcake. It's also Norbert's 7th birthday on Friday too.

I've mentioned the suicidal squirrel before. I spotted him/her this afternoon making forays into the actual yard rather than along the fence line. Clearly in search of nuts but rather bold and daring all the same with my two squirrel hunters in residence. Here he is in the yard:

I think Nessa heard me saying the 'squirrel' word while talking with Brandon and looking out the kitchen window where the crazy rodent was checking out the grass because I heard her stick her head out the patio doorway and saw the squirrel scamper for height. She lead the CHARGE! and Norbert joined her for barking at the base of the trees:

My sunflowers aren't lasting as long as the daisy's or other store bought flowers. They do have their little baby flowers blooming though:

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