Sunday, September 7, 2008

WIP - Jewel YMMV Footies

I started them Saturday night and had good progress started before bed, I had the cuff and heel done. Today while enjoying the free HBO/Cinemax movies recorded (we watched Licensed to Wed, Miami Vice, Hairspray and Pan's Labyrinth) I continued working on it. I had just enough of one ball of the Jewel to get the footie to the toe. I then used some of my black Essential to get it finished:

The Essential and my red Happy Feet are planned for a pair of Dark Isle Socks. The look so cool, its hard to resist starting them soon.

I've been letting my right hand do all the work though and the arm is feeling a little sore. Tomorrow I'd like to cast on for the second footie, but should probably working on something else. Spinning comes to mind.

Speaking of spinning I had someone offer the loan of their spinning wheel to me. I'll see if I can meet up with her on Wednesday at The Knitting Bee and get a lesson to see if it would be a good match. If not, then I'll see about getting over to Woodland Woolworks about renting one. Maybe they have a rent to own?

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