Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Things that came home with me....

I had mentioned in the Knitting Bee forum about the new classes and asking about wheel rental. Someone read it and sent a post saying that I could borrow her unused Louet S51 wheel. I took Kim up on her offer and met her tonight there for the knit night.

Here's the wheel:

The Knitting Bee also had their Malabrigo show up today and we were told that we would be able to get it tonight. So I did a quick queue check and came up with projects that wanted Malabrigo, or I could use it. ;^) It also means that I broke out the Christmas Gift spreadsheet, so I could start planning gifts out to match recipients. I had three skeins of worsted and one of lace come home with me:

After sharing finished projects with Trish and moving the wheel to my car with Kim and then ogling more yarn for a bit and watch a pirate sweater in the making, I headed out. My thought - to see if Bobbie was at Haggen's so I could pick her brain on how to spin with a wheel.

Bobbie and group were there and she did kindly spend time showing me how to treadle and how to work everything on the wheel. I need to get some duct tape and its glue off of one of the bobbins and thoroughly dust it off. She has set me the task of getting my treadling down and then have some yarn to show next Wednesday. ;^) I only have the two bobbins so plying may be interesting. I think I could do up one bobbin and then try Navajo plying to the second. I'm also supposed to bring it with me to OFFF and also to try out the wheels there. With the Louet and a couple of weeks practice with it, I'll be better prepared to try theirs out.

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