Saturday, September 20, 2008

Spinning, Knitting, Books & Medieval Day

Wednesday afternoon William and I met up with my dad in Sheridan. He'd given a call to Leon down there to see if he had any cars that would be a good first one for William. He got back an email with photos of a 1996 Honda Accord. Price was right, mileage was low, so we headed down for a test drive.

We ended up leaving a check and a request for a few repairs - driver's seat too far reclined; latch on console and A/C. All were done by Thursday afternoon, so another trip down to bring her home:

Since we were going through Carlton, I had to stop in at Woodland Woolworks since I'd checked online that they had some rovings at really great prices. I took a look in their used equipment area and was tempted by an Ashford Traditional, would prefer a Traveler, but the price was awesome at $250. Since I didn't have it, it obviously didn't come home with me.

I was going to come home with a nice blue green merino to pair with my Schoppel Wolle single, along with a couple of merino/tensel rovings when near the checkout I spotted a Schoppel Wolle pencil roving that looked exactly like mine, and it was! Exact same color and dye lot. How wild! Only drawback was that instead of being the marked $7.95, the price had just gone up that day by $3 because they'd gotten a shipment in saying the prices had increased by that much. Still got it, along with the others:

I had also gotten in the mail two balls of Rowan Scottish Tweed DK from Melissa in Poland, OH. I'd been looking at the recommended yarn for the Driver's gloves in my queue and it was the yarn. She had it for sale - two balls for $3. Another $1.68 for shipping and an awesome deal: I'll be able to do two pairs with this much. Two more Christmas gifts acquired for.

I've since then spun up the pencil roving and now have it and the first one resting, this is what they look like:

I'm hoping that on Wednesday I'll be able to ply it up with Bobbie's help. Someone in the Beginning Spinners forum also has said something about putting the center pull balls into paper bags and using paper clips as a low tech lazy kate when you don't have enough bobbins to ply onto.

We went to the Beaverton Farmers Market today, Saturday, for their Medieval Day with the local SCA. Talked with a former co-worker Les, who has an apple farm and bought some Gravensteins for an apple pie and apple dumplings from him. The boys got a bag each of fresh kettle korn - honey and caramel. While they were watching the sword fighting demo I went back and picked up some Irish Smoked Salmon, Creamy Havarti, a pint of fresh blueberries, and from the flower vendor a bouquet of straw flowers (the pretty dried ones) and some sun flowers before meeting back up with them. I ran into them coming to find me and some food. So a trip back through to get some egg rolls for William and I and a teriyaki chicken and rice for Brandon. Our spoils:

They boys had hopes of watching the rapiers, so took our food back to watch that. We'll they did. I found a bench, ate and then started Maddy's baby booties. The rapiers didn't start when they were supposed to and the boys lost interest so we headed out.

A stop at Rainy Day Games for William and Brandon netted William a couple of disks for disk golfing. I went for the first time into the Franz Bakery Outlet - great deals there! Remembered I had a few paperbacks for resale and between those two stores was Jan's Paperbacks, so took them in to see what I'd get. They had a two for one deal. I only found one book that I had on my current Amazon Wish List so went for that. Kind of a good thing really, because I still have a large number of books waiting to be read next to my bed, plus all the ones that have just come in from the library, plus the ARC (Advanced Reader's Copy: I need more time in my day to allow for spinning, knitting, reading and cleaning, or another me. ;^)

One more week until OFFF! ETA: Will & car photos. Sorry about the heavy photo post, if you're a slow connection....

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