Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fall has arrived

Why do I say that? Not because school has started but because the filberts are starting to ripen and drop from the trees. We still have part of the filbert orchard behind us and a suicidal squirrel who keeps going through the yard trying to stock up for the winter.

William said he saw the squirrel this morning so Norbert and Nessa had fun barking under trees following its progression. This squirrel must have nerves of steel because it made a return trip through this afternoon. Running along the fence line, traversing four willow trees and our huge maple tree to get to the back fence to get to the filberts. Getting to the filberts involves getting off the fence and making a dash for it across a ten foot gap. Some enterprising cat could possibly snag a meal this way. Norbert who is known for being a couch potato with some ball chasing thrown in has been going beyond his normal sunbathing on the patio to checking above for more squirrels.

I'm keeping an eye out on the grapes. The red seedless are starting to turn color and a few of them were juicy sweet. The green ones I tried definitely need more time. We'll have a lot of both this year. I have to decide if I'm going to do jelly, as well as eat or also share.

I have my fingers crossed for a possibility of getting some fall raspberries for jam making. I was checking the pantry and we are totally out of jam. We have some of the pepper jam that works as a glaze or appetizer but that's not something you use with peanut butter.

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