Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Kaisha and Norbert - both 7!

Kaisha is Brandon's brother's daughter and oldest. She is currently in the first grade, and just turned 7 today. The Pasha Penguin and one of the cupcakes were made for her. We didn't see her tonight but will get them dropped off to her this weekend. Here's the finished Pasha:

I must say that getting Pasha completed was a challenge. The knitting part wasn't difficult at all. It was sewing the front and back pieces together that was a bit of a challenge. I think that it might be possible to do it in the round and intarsia like for the white and black halves, not that I'm going to rush out and do this brain twisting feat soon.

I'm crazy, I have eight projects planned for the month of October as part of the Malabrigo Junkies group's Holiday Stockpile 08. Here's the description if you want to join the insanity:

Holiday Stockpile 2008

Since the Holidays are fast approaching, and there’s always a birthday or newborn baby sneaking up on us, why not be prepared? Starting October 1, 2008, we’re going to encourage knitting for others - as one of the most generous groups here on Ravelry, it’s time we show our generosity off the boards too! Whether you’re knitting for your own family, friends, a homeless shelter, your favorite charity, preemie babies, your local hospital or nursing home, or simply stuffing your closet with things to give away (or keep for yourself - you need a little self-charity too!), this October is the month to do it!

Of course, there are those Competitions:

Prize winners will be selected for the first and second place in each of the following categories. Each category has been given it’s own board - just click on the name up here to find out more about it! The rules are category specific, but in all the categories there are some basic guidelines:

* The project must be made out of Malabrigo (some contests are worsted-specific, others will let you use anything)
* You must start this project no earlier than October 1, 2008
* All entries must be entered into your notebook. We prefer that you have pictures, but, if not, make sure you’ve got good documentation on your project pages!

Most Generous Member
One-Skein Wonder
Achievement Award
Prettiest Packaging
One-Skein Design

And, after all this, who could forget the PRIZES?

First places in each category will receive a skein of Malabrigo Merino Silky and a skein of the new MALABRIGO SOCK YARN! In some categories there are additional secret prizes!

We’ll also be doing five random drawings from participant threads for a skein of sock yarn! So everybody has a chance to win!

I'm using the contest to my advantage. One I got to buy a few skeins of the mmmmmMalabrigo yarn crack for knitting delight and share with family members in the form of hand knit gift items for Christmas giving. I'm done with some of them early allowing me to get started on the other planned projects in a timely manner. I have gifts planned for people and yarn matched up with projects. I'm really ahead of the game this year and hopefully not going to have delusions of ability to finish them like a certain Yarn Harlot. ;^)

Norbert too had a lovely birthday for a dog. He got to go out and check out his yard for any interlopers and scared off a large bird, think it might have been a heron, from the pond this morning. Slept on his favorite perch and his boy went to the store and bought him two new mini-balls for his fetching pleasure. There were a couple of pork rawhide bones too, but the balls had his full attention. Nessa enjoyed hers over the next hour. I've spent the last half hour throwing them for him, so he's happy. We hope to have him for another 7 years and more.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. We plan to be over at OFFF for opening at 9am. I have hopes of a mill end or two from Blue Moon and have a few things to look for from Village (camel, yak and natural bfl), plus all the other vendors. Possibly a lamb sandwich and then heading to the Memorial Coliseum for the Halloween Bazaar for the boys.

Wednesday night Bobbie showed me how to navajo ply with her green. I have some yarn barf to show for it. I'm thinking of using it for the top of the pumpkins. With Pasha done, I need to finish up my Leapfrog Moss Grid Hand Towel. It's also a gift item, so working the list already.

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