Monday, September 29, 2008

Fiber = Spinning

I've mentioned my October plans so I'm spinning until October 1. I do want to make a couple of pumpkins too, so I'll get those started tonight.

Sunday night I spent the evening working on the rest of my 2 oz. of what I'm calling the 'Blueberry' merino/tencel up. Here's what it looks like resting before I use it for my next attempt at navajo plying.

Today I was thinking of jumping into some of the new stuff (of course!) and remembered that I had some lovely merino/silk that I had started before the wheel on my drop spindle. I spent a few hours today spinning up the rest of the 2 oz braid. It came as two 2 oz braids. It's tempting to do up the second braid on the wheel but I'll do it on another drop spindle and then ply them with the wheel. Here's what that single looks like.

Tonight's plans are to start a pumpkin, I have two different patterns to try out. I may also start a drop spindle of the second Embarrassment of Riches braid.

Nessa discovered the fish in the pond yesterday again. She hasn't paid attention when I've been feeding them but yesterday she was. Knocked one of the rocks into the pond by trying to use it to get in after the fish. She was there again watching this afternoon. Its fun to watch but Brandon's semi-concerned she may actually catch one. Norbert continues to be happy chasing his balls. Though convincing him to set them close enough to my feet while I was spinning was a bit of a challenge. So it became a timing thing - letting wool go on and scooping up the ball without loosing rhythm.


  1. If you can play ball with a terrier and spin at the same time, without stopping, then Girlie, you are a Spinner with a capital S! Want to try plying from a center pull ball on Wednesday? I'll bring my wheel and ballwinder and we'll practice.

  2. Sure! I'm always up for learning something new.

    The hardest part with playing ball with Norbert while spinning is convincing him 'where' he has to put the ball so I can throw for him. So part of the rhythm is also pointing down near my feet and saying 'this is where it has to go'. ;^)