Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cupcakes & Oops!

So the last few days have had a few knitting needle catastrophes. Sunday night I was working with my size 6 Harmony interchangeable needles when I started noticing I was having difficulty with one of the needles. As first I thought I had a tension issue of being too tight, then I figured out that it was the needle. One of the layers of lamination had separated and was catching the yarn. I'm using them because they are the only pair of size 6 that I have. I'm using them to work on Kaisha's Pasha Penguin. So that project is on 'hold' until my replacements come in.

I started late Sunday Kaisha's Birthday Cupcake with my size 7 dpns, also Harmony Wood. It wasn't until Monday afternoon though while working the 'frosting' on Bailey's that I had my second catastrophe - one of the tips chipped off/broke off. Nice jagged edge. These things don't sand down well.

Here are the finished cupcakes though:NeicesbirthdayCupcakes-3NeicesbirthdayCupcakes-1

I spent an hour last night and a couple hours today at the Louet spinning the Schoppel Wolle pencil roving. So my other 'oops' - I've run out of roving. ;^) I'll have to see if Bobbie or Duffy can teach me how to Navajo ply it Wednesday night. So I'll have to either pick up some roving from Sharon to play with tomorrow night, or use 'Spicy' the merino/silk roving I have. I would like to spin it on the wheel, but I think I'd like more wheel time before spinning it up.

Here is what I have:

I did go down the bobbin and realized I had more at one end and then brought it back. May not have been the best idea, but I'll have to deal with it at plying I imagine.

Spinning is fun! I hope I can have my own wheel sometime soon. Need a 'name' for the new yarn though. Any suggestions?

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