Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pumpkins, Spinning and Madness

In 24 hours I completed two very different pumpkins. One was a Knitty pattern and the other I got from Ravelry. Size wise I like the Knitty version, construction wise it was a lot of work. First making seven panels and then sewing them together. The other one was done on double points but much smaller. Of course by that point I was running out of orange yarn too, but I think the touch of yellow on the base makes it realistic.
Nessa has rediscovered the pond and the fish. I'm calling it 'Fish TV' because she has spent hours out there watching the fish and trying to telepathically convince them to come close enough for her to get them out of the pond. It's not working and sometimes the frustration gets too much and she barks at them. This sends Norbert running to find out where the 'squirrel' is. He's very confused by the lack of squirrel and what her interest in the pond is all about.

I'm trying to finish up the drop spindle spun Embarrassment of Riches merino/silk roving that I won from Tour de Fleece 2008. I plan to ply it on the wheel. It's just finishing up the second two ounces in a timely manner. All this drop spinning though is hard on my left shoulder because I try for maximum length before winding it onto the spindle. I split the two ounces into 18 little bundles and I'm down to five left to finish. I alternated working on a bundle with working on the pumpkins.
The Blueberry came with me to Haggen's tonight to have Bobbie mentor me through Navajo plying again. A few sections of it were very easily stressed about because I'd gotten them a bit thin. I was able to get better plying out of this than the last one. I'm really surprised with how much it looks like I still ended up with when I thought I'd lose so much of it with this plying method. I'm not sure how much until I get it off the bobbin, set the twist, do some whacking to it and then put it on the swift to dry (I really need to make myself a niddy-noddy). Here's what it looks like right now.
So that leaves the 'madness'. Before I can go to bed I must start one of my Malabrigo projects. I'm kind of tired and wouldn't mind heading to bed though....

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  1. Would you and your DH like to come over to talk spinning wheels? Bring your Louet, and we'll talk about the difference between it and my Lendrum and Country Craftsman.