Friday, April 4, 2008


I feel a little accomplished. I finally spun up all the roving I had gotten from my drop spindle class last June. Yes, it had languished in a Knitting Bee bag on the project table, bypassed in favor of some other project that seemed to be 'better'.

No longer is it that way. I still need to work on getting the 'V' going but I suspect with a little better roving than what I was working with, I can accomplish that. We'll see. So it's all spun up and no longer roving. The next step? I need to ply it. I have the hand out on how to do Andean plying, I'll give that a whirl once I have Brandon's help with coordinating everything and making sure that what I'm reading is what I'm doing.

I also remember that I'm going to have to let it get wet and then dry so that it will set the spin. That may be interesting with the big white section and then the multicolor in the middle. They're all spun together I think so not much choice unless I cut the connections.

I was briefly tempted to use some of Nickel or Cedi's hair that they seem to be shedding all over the place as spinning material but I'm remembering that I'm slightly allergic to Nickel, so probably not a good idea.

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