Saturday, April 19, 2008

Inexplicable Knitting Behavior

Brandon and I spent Earth Day in downtown Portland in the snow and rain getting photos of my "Sock in Progress" at various locations. We managed to get over 30 photos of my sock in places listed to garner points.

There is discussion of only Earth Day events on the 19th and all other locations on the 22nd. Not really fair for those people who have to work on the 22nd though. As it is, we started about 1pm and wrapped up around 7:30pm. We walked a lot!

We had thought to try to park up near PGE Park and find street parking and then use MAX. We ended up at the parking structure at 10th & Yamhill and parking on the roof, as our 1st photo opportunity since it was on the list of places. From there until we went to the Earth Day event we were on foot.

While on foot there was snow a couple of times and rain several times. It was pretty cold during the day.

The Stumptown Coffee location I found that was downtown did not have one of their roosters in front. The Rich's Tobacco on 21st that was supposed to have a horse in front did not. Speaking of horses, we bought a toy horse while at Finnegan's Toy Store to take to a Horse Project ring, but hadn't gotten the 'instructions' for attaching said horse, so it may not be there for long. Luckily it was only $2.49.

We walked the many sites covered over a period of 6 hours. We did stop and get dinner at the Ram's Head Pub, a McMenamin's in the Purl District that helped restore energy before trying to find the Rich's and the horse ring. I also thought there was a yarn store in the area, but I didn't have a location so didn't know where to look. It was also after 6pm and I figured many of the yarn stores close by that time, as many other stores in the area seemed to be closed then too.

I'm not sure if I'm working on Tuesday, I certainly couldn't have gotten all these pictures done on Tuesday, plus go to the signing. Good luck to those that are more successful in that! I have a few pictures that I'll take on Tuesday, photocopier, with Will if I don't, Freddie's recycle center, on the MAX on the way to the signing, possibly introduce my sock to someone I don't know. My pictures are here.

Oh, our Earth Day event was going to be the one at Overlook Park since it was scheduled to go until 10pm. We were there at 7:30pm and you can see by the pictures that there were a lot of empty tents.

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