Saturday, April 5, 2008

Organization and projects

I spent a surprising amount of time (really though? It is Ravelry after all...) organizing my queue against what I have in my stash. In an effort to make sure that all stash is optimally planned for an intended project. So my queue has matches against all things stored in the stash. I still have many projects in the queue that don't have yarns yet, so that helps with future shopping.

I cast on this afternoon my Muench Touch Me for the Velvet Oblivion eye mask. I really, really love my eye masks for sleeping. Sure I have the light blocking curtains but just that little bit of light that can come shining in can cause a loss of a few hours more of sleep. ;^) Because it was going to deal with a stitch holder I didn't want to mess with bringing it on MAX.

For the ride down to Knit/Purl I brought Tudora. 112 stitches to cast on, while Brandon's talking to me and asking me to look at things outside the windows. It took a couple of attempts. ;^) I did get one row done and started half way through a second by the time we got to our stop. We arrived just a couple of minutes late, but in time to get started to work immediately.

I got to see Camille and put a real face on Carissa. Camille and I had taken a hemp market bag class together last summer at The Knitting Bee. Carissa I met online through Ravelry. We were soon busy fondling yarn balls as we pulled them out and put them back away after they were inventoried. It was a quick two hours of work with twelve people. We had five us working together as a team, Pat made up our fifth. We did the Jamieson Shetland line, their Cascades, and their Collinettes. I had thought it was for a $10 gift certificate each. Turns out it was $20 per hour. So ended up with $40 in store credit. I scored a couple of rovings and two skeins of Shibui sock yarn in a gorgeous purple color that Brandon picked out. There was also the pizza afterwards too. Then Camille walked with us to the MAX and we had fun chatting about various things on the ride to our stops.

If help is needed next Saturday, I'll definitely be going. I still have $4 in store credit and could get enough to buy another two skeins of sock yarn, though I might buy it for making a 'clap-jean', combination of clapotis and jeannie. Off to work on my Velvet....but first, find out what Harry Potter character I am.

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