Friday, April 4, 2008

More on yarn and authors

It's amazing how you can get tongue tied when talking to someone in person that you admire. One of the things I meant to tell Lili when I gave her the herringbone cuff is that she kind of inspired me to explore the world of knitting. I think she had mentioned it a few times on her blog, she's had the cool yarn avatar on her blog too. So I tried out knitting again and it stuck. Brandon's happy about that too because he'd been wanting me to get into it for a while now.

So when I gave Lili the cuff she was noticing how it was created and we talked a bit about yarn. I told her about Yarnia, and she said that we'd have to try it out together sometime. Both our budgets allowing of course. ;^) The funny thing is there had been a conversation just before this about 'Narnia' so it was a little confusing to get wrapped around Yarnia.

Wonder if Lili has thought about getting signed up with Ravelry yet?

A bunch of local area Ravelry members will be headed to Knit-Purl Saturday evening to help with stocking. Their normal staff consist of a large number of college students who are going through finals and paper writing. They still need to add/shift stock around so decided to try this out as a method to get it done. Those who help out get reimbursed with a $10 gift certificate that can be used that night as well as pizza.

I'm either going to get some Jamieson of Shetland skeins (only $5 each on sale) or a combination of some rovings - they have a Blue Face Silver for $8.25 and some Habu Textiles Corriedale in purple and green tea that are $4.25. If I can swing it I'll get all three.

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