Monday, April 28, 2008

Faire in the Grove

Brandon's D&D group (Will, Luke, Nick & Jesse) all stayed the night Friday. Okay, Will doesn't count for 'staying the night' cause he lives here. They stopped gaming just before midnight and the four of the 'younger' group headed over to Beaverton to do some Cosmic Bowling. They apparently got back around 2:30am and then stayed up until 4:30am playing Munchkin. They all obviously forgot that Brandon had told him we were getting up and out of the house before 10am.

So by 8am the showers were going with people being woke up along the way for their turn. By 9:45am we were headed off to iHop for breakfast. I didn't want to cook for the group and also do the dishes. Much easier to do it elsewhere. From there with Will driving to iHop and on to Pacific University in Forest Grove to go see this year's Faire in the Grove.

We arrived and quickly ended up splitting into two groups. Brandon and I wandering in one direction the rest in another. I found a nice beaded bell anklet that fit, after finding that the amethyst one needed another half an inch to fit. We looked through all of the tents at the wares offered. The person selling the mustard last year appeared to be absent this year. I went back to the tent with the woven baskets. I think they were made by them, rather than those that can be found much more expensively at the Saturday Market. Brandon helped pick out one that now contains many skeins of yarn. I could use another basket or two still.

I pointed out a dragon ring to Brandon that I had spotted earlier through our lap around the tents and he found one that fit his pinky finger. I thought that if I was pointing it out to him, I must like it too, and found one that fit me. Brandon liked the idea of matching rings, so we both walked out with new rings.

I'm still on the hook to get the patterns and with Brandon's help, pick out the fabric, and he did say he would help cut out, for some 'authentic' faire type garb. I'm not really interested in sewing like that though. Maybe later this summer?

We sat and watched the sword fighting. Nick spotted an old co-worker that he'd been trying to find a contact for, so was very happy. After three hours of walking and watching and some purchasing, we headed back home. You can view the photos that Brandon took here.

Everyone else to continue gaming, me I ended up napping. A combination of restless sleep the night before and walking/sun was starting to cause a migraine. So I thought a nap would help. It did some but I ended up walking up on Sunday with the same migraine.

I did take out my sock and worked on it. I've done the heel flap, picked up stitches for the gusset and currently working it. I think I may be able to get one pair of these socks from one skein of yarn.

I made a pot of chili and baked some cornbread for dinner last night. Plenty leftover for lunches and the like. I do enjoy chili though it often doesn't enjoy me later. I think its the cause of my restless sleep last night with a stomach that wasn't quite settled. No acid reflux so it was a good night. Still woke up this morning with a migraine and no job calls that weren't in an elementary school.

Before heading to bed last night though I pulled off the camera, took some more pictures, and then processed all the photos that had been waiting to be posted. I think through the previous posts, you've had opportunity to click to those photos.

There! That catches me up on things going on around here. I'm going to try to check out Kathy's Knit Korner to see if she has some of the Paton's Kroy sock yarn in stock and take advantage of her 50% off moving sale. There may or not be a trip tonight to the Men's Warehouse to get Will's tux rented for the Spring Prom. Apparently they might try to have another practice for the Talent Show, since it is on the 1st. They are going to try to do their own version of the Ohio State Wrestling Team's Talent Show act. Will is the guy in the yellow polo. Luke will be one of the other 'dance' team members. I'll be a good mom and record them at the Talent Show for future sharing. ;^)

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