Friday, April 4, 2008

Books & Knitting & Dogs

It's been a busy few days.

Books: Wednesday was all about an author visit, Jim Butcher to be exact. He came to the Beaverton Powell's for a book signing of his latest book, Small Favors. Picked up our copy and gobbled up the book money on my Powell's card and still had to come up with $10. ;^)

Scifi Book Club had the book on their site, but wasn't planning on shipping until May (WTF?!), so since I wanted book in hand for him to sign while here, paid full price. I hated not having my copy when Kim Harrison was in town. It was the second year in a row that SBC was slow on getting copy in hand to me.

I'll include the link below where you can check out the photos and movies of Jim's signing. Yup, movies. Brandon was trying to get photos with Jim being an animated speaker and audience members heads moving around inconveniently, I suggested he just do movies. It seemed to work.

While at Jim's signing, I finally got a chance to get Lili Saintcrow to sign the last three books in her Dante Valentine series. I've been carting them to the last two or three signings, so it will be nice not to have to do that. ;^) It was really great seeing her there with the teen too. Loved the blue tint in her hair and her new 'Monroe' piercing is cool. I wish that I could be so brave to do something like that.

Knitting: I've been frustrated with using Flickr for Ravelry. They have a 200 photo limit for their free area. I'm not about to pay for the use of their services when I'm already paying hosting fees for the family/book web site. The frugality of it abounds. Ravelry is going to allow us to use something other than Flickr, but not until May. I'm not going to pay $3 for a month to be able to jump start that process either.

So until we find another piece of software that will work within Dreamweaver CS3, I'm going to use Picasa Web Albums. Though I'm rapidly gobbling up the space there too. Hopefully it will last me the month until the changes go through. Don't bookmark anything there because it will not be the permanent location of photos.

I had made a hemp herringbone cuff, one because it looked cool, and two because I wanted to use up the hemp. Once done though it didn't really feel like it fit me, but Lili immediately came to mind as someone that it would fit. I was able to also give that to her and she did seem to enjoy it and it was confirmed in her blog though she was having a bad night. I hate those nights where my brain won't let me sleep. Sometimes I'll get cleaning done, or lots of reading, when that happens.

Dogs: Greta asked if I could watch Cedi and Nickel for her because she was taking Mellie to a Flyball Tournament in Langley, BC. After receiving Brandon's "OK" on it, I agreed to have them. Their Australian Shepards and bigger than both of mine. So things like counters and garbage cans and doors have whole new meanings. Can't leave anything out that is consumable and have to watch for charging behaviors at doors. Nickel has stayed with us before so he's more comfortable with the situation. Cedi though has only visited and is slightly anxious about Greta being gone. Hopefully though, her puppy Prozac will help alleviate some of that. Until next Tuesday when Greta is back home, we're a four dog household. Thank the gods for dog doors!

Finally, here's the link to Jim Butcher and to the knits. View one or all of the albums there, and do feel free to leave comments.

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