Monday, April 28, 2008

Spinning class

Friday I worked at Hilhi, which was nice since I hadn't worked the rest of the week. Too many playground duty subs sent my way last week. I did let Will drive to Fred Meyers to pick up a prescription he'd been wanting to get, so he had some driving time.

I then rushed to a Drop Spindle class at The Knitting Bee. Some of you may be scratching your heads over that one since you know I've already taken such a class. Different instructor and since it's been a year, I was hoping to learn something new. Anita was great and it was a totally different class than I took from Trish. I learned so much and actually walked out with a lot more spun yarn from the class too. Awesome class and I highly recommend if you have a chance to learn from Anita.

Fun talking with Kelsey, who sat in on most of the class too. She was going through multiple rovings she had on hand during the class, beautiful colors too. I shared info on Knitting Daily and showed my stuff on Ravelry to her. This helped me find some Berroco Cotton Twist to use on a couple more Scalloped Edge Bead Necklaces and a choker.

I still want to make some of my own drop spindles. Brandon thinks I may be able to try on his big lathe before making the investment in a smaller one.

I still have some corriedale roving to spin up and then ply on the drop spindle. I hope to get that spun, then plied today. I want to make one of those shoebox lazy kates too. Not that I need it for the corriedale, but I will for the roving from Knit/Purl, the Blue Face Leicester Sliver.

I think it would also be cool to make some WPI wooden tools that I saw someone had made. I think I could do nicer ones though.

Arriving back home from class to find that the D&D game was going well.

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