Monday, April 21, 2008

Because I'm being lazy

Livejournal post

What I didn't add over there was the amount of time I spent today putting the locations on my own Google map of the photos taken, then adding those locations to the Picasa photo album. Lost time there in a big time for sock knitting.

My Odessa may have a small problem. I have the sinking feeling I may not have enough of the Rowan Wool-Cotton lavender to finish the hat. I do have some blue in the same yarn, would it look too weird to have it as the top color? I did see a hat that was half and half, I could try for that. It would mean that I'd have to move the beads over to the new yarn.....

The Blue Moon Socks That Rock Lightweight they are supposed to be selling at the book signing is supposed to be awesome. Tammy (lavendersheep) saw it at Sock Camp and says so. I'm leaning towards possibly getting 2-3 skeins and doing a shawl rather than socks out of one skein. I'll have to decide though when I see it, and when I find out how much it costs. Guesstimates based on others of their at that weight says 1 skein will be $19. I may only get 1.

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