Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Beading and Knitting

Today I played with both beads and knitting. I was going to use up the last of my Tahki Cotton that I've made two different styles of head bands out of by doing up a new style. So as I was reaching for one of my "One Skein Wonder" books compiled by Judith Durrant, the other one drew my attention. It had a beaded necklace on the cover. I vaguely remembered it when I looked through the book.

Brandon has put in a request for a choker style necklace for me. So I thought this might be a nice start towards that. Opened up my bead box and found some pretty purple glass beads that I thought would go well with the yarn and the beading needle. After putting 178 beads on and getting started on the pattern, half way through the second row I discover that there had to be a mistake in the instructions for row one. Great, tinking back a whole 3/4 of a row and figuring out if I had made the mistake or the author. Turns out it was the author/editor. Left out a simple CO2 at the end of the first row which was really the cast on row, but since you were also adding on the beads this row I mentally counted it as row one.

It came out looking great! I was so enthusiastic about it that I immediately jumped in and grabbed another bottle of beads, pretty sapphire blue ones and strung those 178. Two hours later I was done with the second necklace, even with putting the findings on. I got a few pictures with the setting sun shining on them on the table. I'll have to see how those come out. I'll have Brandon take a few with them on also.

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