Sunday, October 27, 2013

September Crown - Autumn War 2013

After Sport of Kings I had a lot of sewing to do. Unfortunately, not a lot of pictures of the sewing got done!

I made slip covers for the folding chairs, both of the director chairs now have covers so they don't look so modern. The collapsible blue chair has a nice cover too. Dawn-Marie had found this pattern/instructions on how to do it.
So she came over and helped me cut and pin and tell me - just follow the pins! Stop overthinking, just follow the pins! lol

I slip covered the new big brown plastic water/drink dispenser Brandon picked up at work. The front of its visible because of the dispenser level. I could put a bit of a panel across the front, but I was using some remnant material I had gotten from Debbie H. A fun flannel tie-dye.

I sewed a sheet so that it was all nicely roll hemmed, after I had run it through a yellow dye bath. It came out VERY yellow. I'd also put in the light yellow tunic we had made. I wore the tunic at Sport of Kings and it was so very humid that at one point I asked to have the sleeves cut off of it, so I needed to do repair work to the tunic. It's all fixed. I dyed some brown linen in red and came out with a pretty rust. I'd also put in a light colored cotton blend and it came out a mauve color.

Sewed the rust linen into a nice sleeveless tunic dress. Had just enough material to make that happen. Some medium apple green linen became a gates of hell dress. The mauve cotton became a skirt with a drawstring waistband. If I'd talked to Brandon a bit more I could have gotten it so it closes better. I will probably go back and fix that.

Had found some nice black and white fleur de lis cotton on sale and had enough to make two pairs of bloomers. They came out cute.

So all this sewing was for an 11 day two event combo called September Crown and Autumn War. September Crown was all hot and sweaty over Labor Day weekend. I had planned to get out in the lists and get some more marshaling experience and heck just see some of the pageantry. At one point I was going to promenade in with the Baroness because she was solo and it was about time for that to happen, when Ana came bustling through asking for some emergency scribal help getting charters done for the weekend. So passed off the Baroness to Ignatius. Went back to Baroness Crisitiana's camp and started painting a charter. I painted it all weekend and didn't get it done. But we did get recognized in court!
That's King Iuean giving us all a token in appreciation. Very nice. I actually even like the picture! lol
This is what the finished charter looks like that I started there at September Crown:

I had picked it because it was deceptively simple in design, up until Ana says "what color are you going to do for the background?" Oh crap! Suddenly the complexity level went up a lot higher than I was expecting!
So there's a lot of hours in that scroll and hopefully whomever gets it likes it! It's an Award of Arms.

I gave Earl Ed his completed pouch. I think he really liked it! He was wearing it for the next day when I saw him.

Autumn War started on Wednesday and we had planned to bounce out of camp for the night and stay in a hotel in town and visit the laundromat. Brent surprised Dawn-Marie by meeting us in town with a dozen roses and we all went out for Chinese Buffet. Then walked around town. We stopped at the Denny's just down from the hotel and had a nice Birthday Breakfast for Brandon.  A stop at Wal-Mart for groceries for the rest of the event and we were headed back out there. We were enjoying a quiet afternoon until it started to rain. We had been getting evening thundershowers the last few nights. Turns out the ground had gotten pretty saturated by that point. I had started dinner and was walking by our pavilion when I noticed a rivulet heading into it. I thought it was a matter of fixing the rugs to act as a dam against the water.

Yeah, no, our pavilion was in the one low spot of the encampment and we were quickly flooding. Our futon was on the ground and the water was seeping through the rugs and the plastic ground tarp we have as our ground cloth. I had sent Brandon to get the car and the trailer with the thought that we could start loading things up to keep them from getting soaked. By the time he got the trailer back to the encampment there was more than ankle deep of water in the pavilion and the futon was a write off. Earl Ed showed up at that time saying that the road was getting bad and the landowner was talking about locking the gate. We tried to get Dawn-Marie to come with us, but she had found friend in the Mermidons and couldn't get her to come. So we headed in to town without her.

We went back to the same hotel we had stayed just the night before to find that there was no power in the city of Chehalis. We were wet and dripping and he barely had back-up power. I think he gave us the drowned rats rate. Brandon had talked to his father earlier in the day and was already depressed. We had lost his Aunt Debbie just a few weeks before to pancreatic cancer and his dad had been talking about his Uncle Dave. With the flood and the lack of power and no dinner he was a depressed guy. So I loaded him up barefoot, his boots were soaking wet, and we drove north to Centralia and found they had power!  A drive through McDonald's and dinner was picked up. Back to the room and we ate by flashlight and thunderstorm flashes.

Power came back on at 4am. We checked the event page and found out they weren't sure when the gate would be open again. It was a pretty slippery challenge to get the Outback out. So we checked that Dawn-Marie was fine and headed home. They didn't open up the gate until after 5pm, but we were long home by then. We drove back up Saturday morning and loaded all our gear up. We brought Brent back up with us so that he could drive Dawn-Marie's car back. She waffled about staying the night and ended up deciding to come home too but got home later than we did.

The futon and a folding conference table that was Andrea's and had weather damage prior to the event got thrown out in the dumpster there at site. Just have to save the pennies so that we can have a bed frame for camping next year and be off of the ground!

There was supposed to be a big birthday party in the Iron Ring encampment, we were camping with them. So I gave our gifts to Johan and Ilaria and got hugs from everyone. Johan still needs to make his Rus hat to match his coat. I gave him so pretty brown mink to go around the brim. Ilaria I had given a white rabbit cape and a white rabbit collar. Earl Ed had requested a red hat be made and trimmed with the white rabbit. I haven't seen the hat yet, but yes, there's a definite Santa Claus look going there with his white beard.

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