Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gift giving and largesse

Lisa's birthday was actually earlier this year, but it was a new one for me so I wasn't prepared when her birthday came up. I felt bad and finally just asked her what she would like out of a couple of items I could knit her.

She asked for fingerless gloves as something that she would wear. I found a nice cable pattern, Delovely and some nice red wool and knit these:
 Do you see what's wrong above?  I had the one on needles done first and thought there was something a little odd going on at the thumb cable area. It bugged me to no end so I undid the bind off and put them on needles.
 Found the four guilty stitches and then
 dropped down to that point.
 Redid the cables and gave them to Lisa at Earl Ed's birthday party.
We had also been invited to his birthday party and I was in a dither as to what to make him. I finally settled on a period pattern for a small pouch that he could hang off of his belt to carry wallet and cell phone or whatever he desired at events. I actually had the bag done while sitting at his birthday party. Thing is it needed the ties for the pouch and the pom poms. So he didn't get it that night. It wasn't finished. The pattern called for worsted weight yarn, but I wanted a nice sport/dk.

As the largesse coordinator for the barony, I try to get others to help put together things that can be filled into bags and then donated at Kingdom events, or Baronial events so that others have things to give to say thank you. The Baroness had asked about making some wood thread winders. She thought it was something for Brandon/Ignatius to make. I thought they were pretty simple and a little beyond him. So I said I'd make them.

I cut little blocks of wood and then took them to the belt sander and sanded them into their final shapes:

 Here they all are together.
During the sanding process one of them caught the sander and pulled my finger in and gouged a nice chunk out of me:

Thankfully it didn't keep me from finishing, just was painful until it healed up. Some of the thread holders have already gone out into the world.

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