Friday, October 25, 2013

More Birthdays

Danna had a birthday and I knitted her up a French Press Cozy. But because I was finishing it up the day of the party and just minutes before it was to start, not only was it still damp, but it was missing buttons!  She didn't have time with the buttons, so I asked for it back and bought buttons and while sitting in a meeting talking about the joint Barony Yule event, I sewed on the buttons for her:

The pattern designer liked how it came out and asked if she could use my photos. Well of course! So the top one here and another of it laying out flat are the first two shown for the design on Ravelry. It's fun when the designers like your version of their design.

Mike had a birthday along the way. He's a gamer and avid movie buff. He turned 42 this year so they did a Douglas Adam's themed party where everyone got a towel. I made him a dice bag:
Most of the guys enjoy dice bags. I'm not sure that it is big enough to hold all his dice but he has a bag. Brandon made him a box that has a light:

My February Lady sweater has been laying around unused. I took it to a friend's house when we had a movie party to see who it would fit. It fit Whitney but she's not allowed to have hoods on sweaters at work so passed. Jaime loved it and while its a little small, she can still wear and enjoy:

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