Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oh dear! There was a Tour de Fleece 2013

After West War there was the recovery, you know putting away all the camping gear and some preparation work for an event that I was in charge of the end of September.

I did take part in Tour de Fleece:
 I borrowed some brushes and hand carded some Cormo I've had in my stash. They had yellow tips and the carding kind of blended away the yellow. I still have a bag of it to finish carding and then spinning. The black is an Icelandic lamb that I've had in my stash for a long time. It had slightly felted and so Stacey didn't think it would go through her drum carder well. Takes a bit of work with the hand carding too! It came out nice and where I was going to toss the rest of the bag, I'm keeping it and going to finish carding and spinning it too.
I had a superwash hand dyed Merino that needed to be plied when I started the Tour. I got it done but wasn't happy with how it came out plied. I thought it was a little under-plied, but I had other stuff I wanted to get spun during the event so left it. I spun up some fiber that I had asked Trish of Rogue Adventures to dye in colorways that I liked. I'd been disappointed that for some reason my fibers didn't take the dyes as well so I got very muted versions of them. In between doing the Oregon Cobbler in the upper right corner and the Muted Pheasant in the lower left, I wanted some quick satisfaction so spun up some black and grey natural alpacas that were blended with silk. I also tried a little over-dyeing with them. They did change color, just not as much as I had hoped. It was a fun experiment though!
So those are all the yarns I ended up with at the end of my Tour de Fleece. None of them won anything this year, but I wasn't posting in all the boards during the event either.

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