Tuesday, October 29, 2013

World Wide Spin in Public 2013

This year I didn't organize the event. I let Duffy and she did a fantastic job!  She got us in to the lobby area, because we were due for a pretty good downpour, or we would have been outside, at the Oregon History Museum. We were also given passes, and I really should have taken the time to look at more than the shop. ;-)

I did get to catch up with people I hadn't seen for awhile - Sari, Duffy, and Melissa. Stacey and Rachel were there with Sharon and Rebecca. Kathleen came with her daughter and drop spindled for awhile. Duffy had gotten lots of lovely stuff donated for the event so we had drawings. In the first one, I picked a lovely little drop spindle. With the last one a bag that had a batt created by Stacey of Thoroughly Thwacked. Duffy had knit up little oil bottle holders and made some pretty orifice hooks. Pearl Fiber Arts donated samples of a Lo Lo Bar.
 The pretty spindle
 The spindle with what I was spinning, some violet alpaca-silk from Abstract Fibers
 Sari making use of the tools at hand, her feet to wind off her bobbin on to her niddy-noddy
 The contents of the bag
 Lots of rust and inside lots of BRIGHT pink and some angelina for sparkle
The oil sock, orifice hook, lo-lo bar sample and a baggie of cedar chips, oh and $5 of drum carder time at Black Sheep at Orenco.

I finished the alpaca silk and gave it to Friday, it came out really nice a lace-light fingering weight of 356.5 yards from four ounces of fiber:
 Purple is one of her favorite colors.

This is how the batt ended up coming out:

It's 178.5 yards and bounced thick and thin. It's very furry, I think it might have alpaca? I divided in half and the first half I spun from the batt with just hand mixing. The second half of the batt I used the hand cards and carded-blended the colors together as best I could. Strongly pink with rust and sparkles.

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