Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dragon's Mist Champion Tourney and Boar's Head Hunt 2013

I was the event steward for this event. It was my own personal challenge and learning experience. It was the same weekend once again as Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. I tried really really hard to get it moved off of this weekend. Normally this weekend is sunny, warm-hot and one time a Thunderstorm on Sunday afternoon. This year?  This year we got the after effects of a Chinese Typhoon.

We arrived in the rain Saturday morning and tried setting up the Baronial Pavilion. After Istvan slid in the mud and landed hard on his knee I called a stop to that. We made one of the covered shelters the baronial area.

So by noon we had a whole bunch of people who were stuff and two people who were participants. We were getting more rain and expecting more winds. My feast steward had offered up the use of her house for Court and the pig potluck feast.

About the time I confirmed with Andronikus that I had the ability to cancel/close down the rest of the event, we had a car of three - William Drake, his lady Serena and Bea came down from the Barony of Glymm Mere to support our event. Bea was also going to become an apprentice to Baron Refr, but I didn't find out about that until later.

I called a group meeting and since we only had two fighters, but we had people that were willing to try their hand at archery and thrown weapons. So we said that we would close the site at 3pm. We did get a few other people, but still not enough to have the heavy championship. We were expected to get more rains and high winds for Sunday, so the heavy championship was cancelled.

It was fun hearing Her Grace Hlutwige giggle to hear that she could try her hand at Thrown Weapons.

We ended up with Lord Nicolai Rabenis von Tachov won the Archery Championship, with Lord Earc as the runner up. Lord Gerard de Bayonne, our current Heavy Champion won the Thrown Weapons Championship.

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