Thursday, October 24, 2013

Things that drive you crazy

So that superwash Merino, Blackberry Surprise. It was driving me crazy that it was under-plied. So I popped back on the bulky head on my Lendrum and respun it adding in more twist. It added in my length to the end yarn so that was cool.

 I also finished the Muted Pheasant and chain plied it.

So I was in a 'must finish' these WIPs that are lingering around or get rid of them. Of course Earl Ed's pouch was up first. I still need to practice my fingerloop braiding, but I can do i-cord. I decided to try something I haven't done before and I don't think I've seen too many other people do it either - I used two colors! I alternated the rows and I like how it chained up. I used up the last of the red making up the little pom-poms or the more correct term - tassels. 
I think it came out really nice with all those finishing touches!

The other project that I had been let sit on the back burner was a little gargoyle that Jaime asked me to make for her. She kind of knits, but wasn't up to doing a toy. I had almost all the parts done, it was the stuffing and sewing up and re-doing a foot that was slowing me down. But I persevered and got it done!
 Without eyes but sewn up
 Check out his bat wings
 With the eyes. I couldn't decide on the mouth, so left that to Jaime to do.
He did come out cute!  Then a few weeks later, I realized I hadn't read the ear construction instructions fully. I knew I had extra ear parts, but they didn't fall out when I was putting everything together. I think he looks just fine the way his ears are. Jaime loved him and has him sitting on the book case in the dining room area.


  1. That gargoyle is adorable! I may need to make one :)

    1. He is cute and really not hard to knit at all. It's just all those pieces to put wire in, stuff and then sew all together. Devon Monk is also a local paranormal/urban fantasy author that writes with Portland as a background. You may recognize more downtown areas than I did. For some reason, I had a hard time getting into her books. Give them a try though. ;-)