Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day shade and Sport of Kings

August was a month where we needed to have a more period day shade for camping. Since we had lost one at An Tir - West War we needed a replacement. So came up with the idea of taking some heavy canvas drop cloths, sewing them together and adding grommets in for a low cost day shade.

I bought two drop cloths, Dawn-Marie bought the third so we would have a long enough day shade. Total cost was $117.
 We didn't have extra canvas material so used some denim to make sandwiches with the canvas in the center for the grommets to go in the center.

Then we learned how to do a flat felled seam to the drop cloths to each other.  Dawn-Marie was in charge of the pinning and I did the sewing.  
Once we had it all together we had to go back and add some loops for the ropes to tie on to. I just did a seam across as you can see because I was breaking needles - all told, three and I didn't have spares. I've since bought some denim needles so I can go back and repair and make another day shade.
 Here it is, barely fitting into the backyard area. It replaces in scope two of our modern pop-ups. We had one that was 10x10 and one that was 8x8. So a very nice replacement!
 As you can see there is plenty of headroom for Brandon to stand under it. The center poles are 8 feet tall.
A little bit of an angle so you can see the length.

We took it to our first event with it, Sport of Kings. It was sprinkling when we setup! Luckily, we brought a can of spray waterproof and so before it went up, it got sprayed. Thankfully it stayed to sprinkles and things never got wet under the day shade. A success!

A knitting success was the french press cozy I made for myself. I used some yellow from stash and some Noro that had been given to Cindy and I'd gotten it from her. I love how it came out! No buttons, it just slips on over the top and around the handle. It also does an excellent job of keeping the coffee hot for longer than the 5 minutes without a cozy!


I took the Field Marshal class from Sir Einar, the Kingdom Earl Marshal, and learned a lot. I got to help out that night with the Torchlight Tourney with Sir Rodrigo and then during the Grand Champion Tourney the next day with Lady Althaia:

For volunteering and helping out, I worked a shift at gate on opening day and Ignatius helped out with a variety of things. Think Brute Squad was one of them. Plus my marshal hours, we got drawing tickets. Ignatius name was drawn, but this is what I had picked out from all the items donated. It's a lovely glass lamp with a hint of purple. It is a bit interesting to get to the candle, but I love it! We need to work out a way to hang it in the dayshade.
There was a historic event that happened - the Baronies of Three Mountains, Dragon's Mist and Stromgard all signed a friendship treaty. We won't go to war against each other and we'll try to do more things in conjunction with each other. There's a cool scroll that went with it too.

I needed to read the ABC before I could get my junior marshal card. I had hoped to get it signed at September Crown....

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