Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Squirrel, Progress, New Stuff

This morning one of the local grey squirrel's decided to risk life and limb by going through our yard. If its the same squirrel, it should *know* that there are dogs in this yard. Norbert in his enthusiasm to get out there knocked over a full water bowl. I needed to mop the floor anyway - right?

Can you see where its perched? With all the barking both dogs were doing, it was chewing them out just as loudly. Good thing we don't speak squirrel, I'm sure there were a number of four letter words being thrown down at the dogs. Nessa was out there, she was even trying to get closer by standing on the bench and barking.

Cole's baby cardigan is currently at the point of the body is done and so is the right sleeve. I've picked up the sleeves of the left sleeve and started it. Due to the time, won't be done until tomorrow. This is what the body looked like earlier today while the sun was still shining:

I didn't do button holes, but I'm thinking I'll find a cute button for the top and do a crochet loop for the button. Do babies need more than one button?

Remember I traded that Jacob with Brenda for some of her llama? It wasn't quite the 3/4 of pound that she sent me and she was embarrassed by that mistake. She sent me a note last week that she was sending out a package with the llama and a surprise. She sent me about the same amount of llama, so I now have a pound of it. The surprise? A little over two ounces of some 'washed' Finn. Okay, the Finn *is* washed, just still full of vm. Thankfully, I have Gail's hand carders on loan, so I can practice with this stuff too. It really was nice of her to send this along. It will be fun to see how it spins up compared to the nice commercial stuff I bought from Klaus. The Finn:

A couple of the pretty jars of Cranberry Chutney, with air bubbles even!

That's sunlight shining on them, not flash.

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