Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I have hats!

The Thorpe hat was a learning experience. I've done top down hats before, but its been awhile since I've worked with chunky yarn. The first one I did with worsted doubled so that I could get the chunky. It came out fine, a little heavy feeling. I then tried to do the hat with just the strand of worsted yarn and thought I needed to really increase the size to have it come out. For some reason I didn't check until the very end. The hat ended up HUGE. It was loose on Brandon's big head - hey he says its big, so its okay for me to say it is. ;-) So I switched and did the next hat in the series and did the stranded hat, it worked out better being doubled. Then it was back to trying to get the hats to work as worsted. I kept to the size US 9 rather than trying the US 7 and things worked.

The hats:

Some fudge has been made and a batch of the peanut butter cup candy. Along with the cookies, set with the sweet stuff I think. There are a couple of cake type recipes that I'd like to do, but they may be for New Year's.

I'm testing out the French Press Felted Slippers pattern. Rachel tried to get them to come out and had something that resembled a baked potato for her efforts. I'm definitely not as fast as the Yarn Harlot in making them, or her friend that claimed to be able to do them in 90 minutes. I'm not saying how long they took me to knit up. I have all the pieces knitted and tried to seam up one and ended up with something looking odd, so need to re-evaluate the project - when I don't have a migraine. Yes, one of those evil things showed up Monday night and has yet to vacate the premises. If I can get them to work, I'll buy my own copy and then hopefully the pattern for children that she has planned.

I knitted the large size, because I'm not sure if Judy wears an 8 or 9 and figured better to have a little room than not enough. Well and Rachel had said she knitted the 8 and it looked really small. I have a front loader machine so it will be fun trying to get them to felt.


  1. It took 3 times in my front loader and then I also hand felted with hot and cold tap water with soap. UGH to these slippers. I will try again with the patons gray yarn that I bought. Can you check your gauge? I was having mega probs getting the row gauge...

  2. I've seen them around, and they're really cute. But they're knit in pieces and seamed? Yikes. Not my favorite thing!