Friday, December 25, 2009

Got them done

I knew they were going to be a quick knit and if the whole socializing with family not seen in a year and having to take my turn driving, I might have been able to get these leg warmers done for Kaisha in time for them to be wrapped and under the tree. Instead, all gifts were unwrapped, breakfast eaten and I was busy knitting up until the late lunch/early dinner. They are a perfect fit and the right length. I think they would have done well with pom poms but I haven't invested in one of those makers and wasn't going to dig through the boxes for one a lid to make one out of. So I knotted the end of the i-cord and called them good.

Kaisha's leg warmers:

My stepmother up north is a knitter and I guess she was hoping to help encourage my knitting because she gave me this HUGE basket filled with yarns, a set of needles, a couple of crochet hooks and lots of free patterns from Berroco and Lion Brand. The range of yarns are a couple of nice grey wool yarn from Pengouin, a couple of Noro called Ginrei-A - 58% mohair, 21% wool, 11% nylon and 10% polyester in blues, purples, and pinks, a total of 175 yards that I'm not sure what to do with. There are three or four balls of cottons that will be nice for making up some dish cloths or hand towels. Then there are the balls of unknown yarn, strongly suspect they are some type of Lion Brand Wool-Ease but no identifiers. It helps to realize that the colors are pretty generic that I can knit gifts for people that are untrustworthy for hand-wash items. There's the three balls of orange-yellow mohair that I'm not sure what to do with, but I'll give it a whirl at some point. The big old dark purple Homespun will need to find a new home. The basket:

Then there was the bonus to find out that Judy shopped my wish list at Knit Picks and just bought the whole list - totally blessed! I have a few pairs of circulars, blocking wires (Michele - if you didn't get them as a gift, they are nice!), some handpainted sock yarn as well as black sock yarn and enough fingering weight yarn to make a sweater for myself! I had also asked for the Craftsman Afghan, not because I particularly like the colors but because I wanted another knitted blanket for the couch, maybe this one can be for the dogs and I can keep the Lizard Ridge from their bodies. ;-)

I tried taking photos of the yarns, but the flash was washing them out and not enough good light, so I'll have to take photos of the yarns and redo things on Sunday.

For now, I'm off to bed early to catch up on some missing sleep, then one more family visit tomorrow.

Merry Christmas! Anyone not get enough sweets? Come visit - have plenty of cookies, fudge, and candies. Still need to make those Muddy Buddys too. (I will *not* gain weight this season!)


  1. That's a fiber-fantastic haul you got for Christmas! I love my blocking wires; I've had them for a while. Which Michele are you thinking? There are many knitting Michele/Michelle's locally!

  2. I got blocking wires too! Tell me it's okay to toss holiday goodies. I'm steadfastly avoiding the scale, but my pants are snug in the waist and it's totally because of the junk I've eaten over the past few weeks. The thought of it is kinda making me sick now, I'm craving a salad.