Friday, December 4, 2009

It's a leg warmer!

As mentioned previously, I had hoped to use the Mosey leg warmer pattern for Bailey's set. They are HUGE compared to a little girl's spindly legs. Come on, they're supposed to be somewhat spindly. ;-)  I had hope to do some cabling, I like the idea of it folding over at the top. I also liked the idea that Mosey had of having an eyelet round so that a tie could be placed at the knee.

The pattern that I did find that was targeted at little girls folded over at the top - check, had a little flirty ruffle with the fold over - check. Then going through the different patterns on ravelry, I saw one pair that kind of draped over the top of the shoes. Cool! Wasn't really finding anything that excited me though, so I switched over to the arm warmer patterns. Lots more to choose from!

I found a lacy one that was also designed for worsted weight yarn and had about the same kind of stitch count as the leg warmer pattern. It also as a bonus had the same k1, p1 ribbing, so easier to blend the two together. Then I found an arm warmer pattern that had the ruffled flounce at the wrist - score! Even better it also used a k1, p1 ribbing before starting the flare. Looking promising!

Then I figured out that instead of just following the folded top from the existing pattern I had to cast on double the amount of stitches, do a few rows and then work the decreases - the other pattern worked from the bottom up and I was going top down. Plus I was adding in the eyelet row and I don't know how Mosey did it, but I figured out how to do mine without going out of ribbing pattern.

The main patterned portion of the arm warmer pattern did some increases I didn't do and so that meant that I had to adjust that pattern too. Why not, I'm doing it to the other two? The first row I didn't go back and adjust but then, you'd have to know what to look for to know what might be incorrect about it. ;-)

Here's what I ended up with, using my forearm as a model - I figure its about the right length for an eight year old:

There was news early this morning that Robyn was in labor and on the way to the hospital. I talked to my dad around 5:30 pm and he and my stepmom were on the way up to OHSU. They had reports that things looked like they were progressing faster. I figure I haven't had an update since then because it took a few more hours and they think its too late to call. Hopefully news in the AM on Cole's arrival. Wonder how he knew his cardi was done and waiting for him?

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