Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Received hand knit - extra special

I can't remember if I mentioned that I received a pair of glittens from my grandmother or not. I did. ;-) She's 86 years old and she confided in me that she knitted a dozen pairs of these. I think she said that a friend had come back from South America with a pair and she liked the idea so she decided to make some. Only problem she had, she couldn't find a pattern for the mitten flip top, so she had to make it up herself. *She made it up herself!* Okay, it basically is a toe idea but still.

Three of the fingers are all the same height with the forefinger longer. Kind of makes my hands feel small, but she has longer fingers. ;-) They fit nicely though.

Here they are:

I think they may be out of a Berroco yarn - it has the look of the Pure but I can't find a matching color (aubergine is close). Maybe the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (010)?

I know that these will be in my coat pockets for the rest of the winter to keep my hands toasty and I'll remember that they're extra special because grandma hand knit them!  On my side of the family all of my blood related grandparents are dead. Grandma Eileen is truly my sister Tanya's grandparent. I was raised with her as Grandma Eileen though, so she'll always be one of my grandparents.

(Aunt Mary & Grandma Eileen)
Kind of like Aunt Mary, Grandma Eileen's daughter, I was able to show her all about Ravelry. She seemed excited by it. She wanted to know where I had gotten the patterns for the ornaments I gave them. I thought it would be easier to show her Ravelry instead. ;-) She really loved her Razor Shell Scarf I gave her. Linda, stepmother number two, was floored by the Burnside Winter Twilight Mitts I made her. I don't think she's tried much colorwork in her years of knitting. She definitely knits sweaters though! Jeanne, stepmother number one, also loved her NMH #12 mittens and immediately saw the Norwegian influence. Sister Jennifer now suspects that it will take seven years before she has a weeks worth of hand knitted socks. ;-) It really is awesome to have the hand knits appreciated by the recipients!

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