Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I failed to finish the cardi as I had hoped today. Sigh. Of course spending the morning/afternoon spinning didn't help with that goal. ;-) I took Gail's hand carders with me and that new Finn and tried getting the grass and hay out of it. I think I worked with a bunch for about an hour. I got sore arms and 95% of the vm out of it. I gave it the old 'college try'. ;-)

I decided that I'm going to rent the drum carder from Susan again in January. A bunch of us will go in on it again. I have the llama, Icelandic, the Finn. I want to blend the llama with silk so the drum carder will be busy for a day.

Came home and got things ready to take for knitting at Haggen's, then went to pick up Brandon from work. Ended up not making dinner so after dropping off and picking up at the library, opted for a chicken cesaer salad and that for some reason took longer to eat than it should. I think I got a half an inch of cardigan sleeve knitted. Then Duffy was ready to go so had to get her free monitor out of the car, so brought Angela's in. The next part is all her fault. ;-)

Angela was over by Sharon's bins looking at the yarns. I started finding in the roving bin all these balls of roving that had come unwound. So started winding them back up. This caused me to find the two balls of Portland Punch Superwash Merino - 8 ounces. So a two for one deal. This stuff is so soft! I couldn't resist, though I had told her earlier I wasn't buying yarn when she tempted me with Nigel - pretty dyepot brown sock yarn. Gorgeous stuff! So I failed to not buy something as intended.

ETA: Forgot a tiny little detail last night - Sharon had both bins 50% off. Such temptations!!! I did get back at Angela for helping me fall, by helping her buy two, or was it three skeins of pretty DK yarn?


  1. I can't believe you didn't call me to tell me about the yarn sale. I might have come out of my sick house to fondle the yarn with my germs so that no one else would want to buy it mwahahaha!

  2. The Portland Punch fiber looks like cabbage roses in the photo! I hope you'll love spinning it up. It is the same fiber blend as Titanium Sock.

  3. Sharon - they do don't they? Its going to be hard to resist not spinning it up immediately. I have some other stuff I'm finishing up first though. Might be able to get to it on Sunday though.

    Rachel - since you were 'sick' I didn't think to call. I was trying to resist the 'sale' stuff I guess having you hack all over it would have been an added incentive not to look though. ;-)