Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kind of done

I finished up the sleeve this afternoon, then wove in all the sleeve ends and any other ends that needed it. Then took pictures:

Then I promptly put it in a nice hot water bath to balance things out. Switching from knitting flat for everything but the end sleeves, I noticed I knit tighter, evener in the round. No matter how consistent I tried to stay with the purl rows.

It's still cute and I may pull out the bear to put the complete outfit on. I'll need to take a trip to JoAnn's for a button or buttons. I'm leaning towards brown buttons, because I know the mom likes brown. Regular buttons or cutesy ones?

The cardi and a scarf that I had washed and pinned out are drying in the den. Why redo the scarf? Cause I didn't have blocking wires and was wimpy about it earlier in the year.  I was a little more aggressive with the blocking after a second soak this morning. I'll possibly post new pics tomorrow.

Off to cast on Bailey's leggings. I'm going to have to do some modifications of the intended pattern - Mosey from the Spring 2008 Knitty. She's an eight year old and as such doesn't have a calf like an adult.

Oh! For those who are curious. Norbert is doing MUCH better. The hair is growing back nicely on his ear so he doesn't look so lopsided. He's perky, pulling out toys from the toy basket and leaving them all over the place after playing with them for a few minutes, soliciting ball throwing and actively interested in food. Since the squirrel incident, he's checking every morning and periodic checks during the day for the stupid critter to put toes in his yard again.

Brandon says he showed this to me eight months ago, a friend has it on her blog and I thought it shows Portland nicely, for those who aren't local:

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  1. love the cardigan. Thanks for sharing the neat Portland video. So glad to hear Norbert is on the mend. I know he's glad to be rid of the cone.