Thursday, December 17, 2009

Let's not count the days......

As usual I'm juggling the items that I'll have completed for Christmas. I had planned to do several items, but they've been changed to other things. I've also postponed receipt for a couple people until January. I may get them done in time, but I don't need the pressure. 

I did complete both of the reindeer socks for my BIL:

I was finally able to get over to JoAnn's to look through their button selection. Found some shell buttons in a pack that work perfectly. They are a mother of pearl, but I put the outer shell out. Sewed them onto Cole's Cardigan:

Last Friday it took a couple of attempts but I was successful in making a batch of Divinity before the humidity came back to our area. Divinity fails this time of the year usually, so this was a first attempt in twenty years. I forgot to tell William though that he couldn't just eat all he wanted so I have half of what I hoped to have for dividing up for family. ;-)

(sorry about the flash, but the only way to get the picture to come out.)

I've started the Thorpe hat series. Keefe's is done and I've started Garrett's, his will be the stranded version. I'll do ones for Adam and Logan that will be the 'plain' version - possible stripes like Keefe's. I also have yarn for one for William's friend Luke. He may have to wait until after Christmas to get his though. ;-)
Keefe's minus the braids:

Last week we the really cold weather and Friday morning I was able to get a rare picture of Norbert and Nessa sleeping close together. They sleep on the same couch, on the same bed, but rarely next to each other without a body part of mine between. 
(The hair on Norbert's left ear is slowly growing back out, but makes him look lopsided.)

More hats in my future for the next couple days, cookie baking at Judy's on Saturday. How is your race for the holidays coming along? Have you negotiated mentally gifts to be given? Putting in late hours to get the ones planned done? Are we all insane? ;-)


  1. I think we are a little bit insane. But in a good way.

    Love the knitted items!

  2. I love the socks. Wish I'd knitted them myself.
    Glad to see Norbert's on the mend.
    Sheep gestation is 5 months. I hope to have lambs at the end of March. The ram was put in with the ewes in late October. He usually takes care of everyone within 16 days. He's just lucky to be with them this long.

  3. Knit, knit, knit. Almost done. Unless I start something else, too. Yikes.

    Great socks.

  4. I know I am insane. lol. Everyone but my dad are getting handmade gifts due to budget tightness. Good thing I only have 2 siblings.

  5. Ah, hell, I threw in the towel weeks ago. They'll all be getting IOU's if they're lucky; if not, oh well . . .

    Next year, remind me to share my "Aunt Faye's Never Fail Divinity" recipe. It ALWAYS works. Really.