Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Yule Feast 2013

The Baronies of Dragon's Mist and Three Mountains held their first combined Yule event and I think it came off pretty well! Granted I spent 95% of my time in the kitchen, so I missed a LOT of what was going on. Unlike last year, there was more than enough food, even after a table mishap took out a couple of crockpots.
Deboning chickens

There's dancing over to the right.

We had then Princess Drifinna come to the event. I fed her a couple of times. ;-)

Taking a dancing break

Salads and 'cold' pies - quiches and the like along with rolls

Some desserts and fruits

Roasts, ham, and some soups

Veggies, and pastas

Watching the first bunch of people go through and making sure things are going well

The pork

Nibbly food - veggies and fruits and crackers with cheeses

Desserts - closest were Lissette's yummy lemon curd tarts

More desserts - center right - Osanna's lefse - yummy!

Be'ak's little receiving an award from Baroness Alexandria

I asked Andrea to put up my hair for me. She did a nice double braid that survived the day. 

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