Friday, January 17, 2014

Household Drink Covers

I have been working on this particular project for months! I had hoped to have it done earlier in the year, but turned out that getting them done in time for Yule worked out too. They are part of a other things that I didn't get finished and need to get wrapped up here in the next few weeks, so future posts about those. ;-)

These are hand embroidered drink covers. First drew out the pattern using a light box on some gold linen. Stitched using some of my black lace alpaca. Used embroidery and cross stitch to complete. Then ironed the squares and stitched those to blue linen circles I cut out. Then hemmed the circles. Next step was adding beads to act as weights to keep the cloth from flying off in winds. I strung sets of beads on and when attaching to the circle made sure to add a knot in case of any breakage.

I completed Ignatius, Larissa (yes, she really needs to come up with an SCA name!), Millicent and Edoaine's:
If you put them all together, you get MILE. ;-)

I've since finished the embroidery on mine, just need to stitch it down to the circle and then do the beading. We've since added Gwencalon to the Household, so I'll need to make another one! I had thought of this so have a couple extra ready to be embroidered. 

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