Sunday, January 26, 2014

Game Day

Jenna's arrived. I've made chocolate pudding. Need to take pics of the finished. I used some chocolate that mom brought back from Pennsylvania and some of the leftover milk chocolate from Germany. Added in a bit of Kahlua that I had one of those tiny bottles of. Looking forward to eating it later. We're having orange beef with jasmine rice. She brought egg rolls and fortune cookies to complete the meal.

Had a surprise view with a little Hobbit I've been working on and thought I'd share it with you:

We're playing our Elves in Moria today. Hopefully I don't fall off into a crevasse again!  It's a terrible way to die!

ps: this was supposed to post on Sunday. Just discovered it didn't. Sad panda. I didn't fall into a crevasse, but it did go to far and fall down into a lower level into the water and had to wait for Brandon to finish finding where a gear was supposed to be, then come back and get me. We were in the "Water Works" area on LOTRO. 

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