Thursday, January 30, 2014

How they're wearing

Thought since they were so pouffy and fluffy some of you may be curious how they have been crushed/smooshed down:

They haven't started to felt yet. I don't think my feet have gotten overheated and started to sweat yet to have that start. I need to do some research to see if they could be plausibly period-ish to maybe do for largesse. I had done some research on thrums and can link their use with the British Navy and their hats back to the Monmouth cap. Those thrums were worn on the outside and made kind of a Rastafarian look to the hat.

They are keeping my feet nice and warm, but not TOO warm. The alpaca is starting to fuzzy a little bit more on the outside but they aren't entered in any beauty pageants so still doing what they were intended to do, keep my feet warm. Pattern is still on sale I think.

Need to get some hand sewing projects done before the weekend. Two days to get that accomplished. We'll see!

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