Tuesday, January 21, 2014

12th Night 2014

This year 12th Night was up in SeaTac at the DoubleTree Hotel. We were able to go because we shared a room with Dawn-Marie and Susan. Thus splitting the cost of everything. We bought food to eat in the hotel for breakfast and lunch and ate at Denny's for dinner. Still a little spendy but fun.

We arrived mid-afternoon on Friday and settled into our room. Went had dinner before changing for the ball. Millicent and Ignatius were looking forward to the ball. Millicent had a new Italian style dress she had made for her with bees all over, completed just the day before:
I have some velvet in the same color that I have planned for a German style dress. It's heavy! I had added a panel and some decorations to the belt of the dress I made for 12th Night last year. I also added a satin guard to the back neckline that I had done with a mink collar last year. Used some black velvet to make a little hat to wear with it and while not perfect, happy with how it came out, shows most of the front of the dress:

Ignatius had also spent time making a new doublet for himself. He's not too sure he's happy with the shoulders, so those may change. Standing next to Nicolai in his new 12th Night garb. One of the few times that Ignatius feels short....

The dancing:

The yellow is a big 'halo' for my 'saint' moment. You can also see the hat. 
Gwen and I checked out the Merchant's area. She found a basket. I was tempted by other things you'll see in another post. There were lots of Vigils going on Friday night for those being elevated to Laurels and Pelicans. We knew two of them and Gwyn had been asked to look in on one of the nine that were going on. Unfortunately we got up there late and missed the two and Baron Refr was acting as gatekeeper on the third. I did write a congratulations to Baroness Cristiana in her book though. Ignatius did get to chat briefly with her on Saturday and she did remember where we met her and her family - at Glymm Mere's Bardic Ithra I think three years ago. We had dinner with her family. It was a most delicious dinner! It's been fun watching her take part on Retinue for the Crown:
B. Cristiana's Laureling ceremony. 
I had woken up Saturday morning with a very swollen right eye lid and a slightly swollen left. I had not been able to find my make-up wipes and since it was late, and I was tired, I used the hotels wash cloth and facial bar to wash my face. Ugh! On the right I must have scratched the skin a bit and that allowed the allergic reaction. I took a couple of benedryls and tried icing them but they remained swollen for most of the day.

Since Saturday was also a court day, I didn't get down until much later than planned. Missed the Laurel Speed Dating, the Sable Lion Weaving meeting as well as the Embellisher's Guild meeting. So I went to court in 'comfy' clothes, but borrowed a veil from Millicent so I didn't have to put my hair up:
My Green Gates of Hell dress with my dusty rose dress you saw me wearing for Yule Feast with my honey-comb apron. Gwen was wearing a tunica that she had done all the hand sewing on. Millicent was wearing a dress that she had made by Windblown Whimsey.

I started a little project while in court:
It's in number 10 Crochet Thread and US 0000 needles. It only took me three attempts to get the cast on correct with 120 stitches. It's also interesting knitting with three colors in a row. Can't wait until I have all of them!

I think the combination of not getting enough sleep and those benedryls really got me though. I was only able to stay for a couple hours and did not see the step down and step up ceremonies.

Saturday after court we did get back down and saw some of the Rapier competition. Eoghan was able to compete and was wearing his new garb:
He had Guard duty during court
Then we popped up to the Penthouse floor and tried to find friends at the parties and while we did say hi to people, never did really settle into a party. A little too crowded and loud for me, so we ended back in our room. Ana and Nicolai did show up for the invited Cards Against Humanity game. It was just the five us and Ana was a little the worse for wear so only a few rounds were done before they headed off to put her to bed.

Sunday came all too soon and we were up packing, dressing and heading home. We'll skip the next one that is down in Eugene next year. We will be helping out with the one for 2016 as our Barony won the bid for that event. We are all on staff in some capacity.

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